Wednesday, 15 January 2014

A brand new year

Well its a brand new year and I have decided to do more things for me this year. I ended up being so stressed out last year that my head hurts just thinking about it. I used to have lots of hobbies apart from the bears and my hairdressing and slowly I ended up giving them up due to time. Well this year Im going to make time.

So here are my first creations of 2014. Ive made some cards. Just simple Thank you cards but once I started I was on a roll. I have that much craft stuff that it should keep me going for ages.

I also used to love scrapbooking so spent time yesterday going through all of my albums. I love looking back at photos and with scrapbooking you are telling a story with the pictures. 
So Ive logged back on to one of my favorite websites and have joined a team ready to get started. 
So my camera and phone camera will be with me at all times now as I look for photo moments.

Another thing I decided to start this year was a project 365. Its where you take a photo everyday of something in your life. Im really enjoying this and have been taking random pictures of family and my house. Here are a few so far.

An Orchid

Sewing in front of the TV

Me - A Selfie!

Outside my house this morning

Another Orchid

A circle Journal I created

Susan x

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Looking back

I have just noticed that I hadn't posted on my blog at all in 2013. I had so many things happen during the year that I spent most of it being stressed out, ill or looking after one person or another.
My daughter Kaitlin had an appendicitous in April. We had to rush her to hospital for an operation and they took out her appendix within a few hours. I have never been so worried as I was that day but thankfully because of our wonderful doctor and then great doctors at the hospital she did really well. I couldn't thank them all enough, including the nurses that took care of her too.


Also this year my husband Phil had to have a new knee. He had an accident 20 years ago which badly damaged his leg and he came to the point now where he was struggling to walk very much. He had over 14 weeks off and still isn't fully recovered. His physiotherapy is still continuing as they try to get him walking without a limp. He had to have part of his shin bone shaved away to straighten his leg too. It was really bowed out from the damage to his leg. Already he is walking without pain which is something that he hasn't done for a long long time.
Heres Phil being a best man

We went to Cyprus in May at Phils mate Wilky was marrying his long time partner Andrea. We did have a fabulous time and the rest did us the world of good.
Me, Kaitlin, Joe and Phil

My eldest son has gone off to University in September. He is in Newcastle which is 3 + hours away from us so we only got to see him twice before Christmas. He has just been home for 3 weeks though which was great.

                                                                     Will and Kaitlin