Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy New Year 2012!!!

I wish everyone a Happy New Year for 2012.

I can't believe how quick time flies when you turn 21, next minute you are in your forties.... I haven't updated my blog for a while as life has been so busy round here ( excuses I know ). Anyway it is traditional of me to write my goals and aims down each year and also to go through last years just to see how I did.

So here goes. This was the list I gave myself at the beginning of the year.

1. To learn digital scrapbooking. Well I have learnt a lot this year but haven't had the time to do it that often but overall Im pleased with the fact I do know more that I did at the start of the year.

2. To take more photos. Yes I defiantly have taken a lot of photos. I haven't done anything with most of them though but I have taken them.

3. Loose weight. Grrr this is my least favourite goal ever. I struggle so much with it that its not funny now. I did loose weight again for my holiday in August which was fab but slowly and surely I have now put most of it back on.

4. To decorate the house. Well 3 rooms were started. I decorated my conservatory and we changed it round to an office, playroom and sitting room. We got new desks from ikea and sorted a lot out. We have now ordered a new sofa which should be here at the beginning of february ( a really good buy in sales ) so it shouldn't be far off then. Just a new rug etc. Also I changed all the curtains and bedding in my bedroom, so the room does look different. I didn't decorate as I didn't think it needed it but the walls do look a bit shabby now. I also had to get a new bed for K as her cot bed broke so I did her room up a little when we had the new bed. So not exactly what I wanted but a start....

5. To make more bears. Well I succeeded with this one. I did make more bears and luckily they all found new homes. I did 4 fairs in this country and then 3 on the internet. I advertised more and have tried to get my name out there. I had a new shop supply my bears in America and I carried on with the shops I supplied already. So I did have a great year with the bears and got to meet lots of lovely collectors in the process.

6. To pay it forward. Well this is a tricky one, how can you possibly judge this. I have been more considerate and kind and I have helped people where I can but I can't help thinking I could of done a lot more with this one. I am pleased with what I did do though.

So thats it, all my aims for the last year. Not too bad at all I think. So watch this space for the new ones I will put up for this year.

S x

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