Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Aims for 2012....

Well here is another year and another set of aims to try to accomplish. As I always say it doesn't matter in the great scheme of things if I do them or not but for me its a little reminder each year.

So here goes,

1. Loose weight
Im putting this at the top this year as I am so fed up with it. I loose weight then I put it on. Its a never ending circle. So instead of thinking Ive got to loose 4 stone I have a plan. Im going to aim for 5 LBs a month. Now that sounds do-able doesn't it. I am going to post on here each month how Ive done too just to keep me going.

2. Get Fit
Now this goes hand in hand with num 1 but again I keep joining the gym and getting reasonably fit and then I give up. So my plan is to do something for 30mins a day. I will start off just doing 3 lots of 10 mins until I build myself up to a full 30 mins. I have a great little helper in my daughter who likes to think she is Jillian Michaels from the biggest looser.. If I enlist in her help she will make sure I get up and do it.

3. To get more creative with my photos
So now I have been taking more photos I need to get them off the computer and on the wall or into photo books or in scrapbooks. I had a new computer for christmas with the intention that I can finally have my own space to do my own work so I have no excuses. I have finally downloaded the last of my holiday pictures tonight so I have a few things to keep me busy straight away.

4. To build on my Bear Business
So last year I made more bears, this year I want to carry that on and build on it.

5. To blog more
Quite simply I love reading back on my blog and looking through my photos so I need to get on and update it more often. So my aim is to do a post a week, even if its just to add a picture.

I think that shall be enough for this year but I will leave you with one of my favourite photos from last year.
S x

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