Sunday, 17 July 2011

A few of my new bears

As of this moment I have just 6 bears available at the Bears on Parade online show. It finishes tonight at 9pm UK time so there is just over 6 hours to go to see the bears that are available. Here are the 6 I have.

Sweet Pea

Little Lin





They can be found at

S x

Friday, 1 July 2011

The preview has begun.........

Im just going to share a preview photo of Bobo, a little bear I have created for the Teddies Worldwide show which begins on July 15th.

Check out the website as you caan vote for your favorite bear out of the 75 on show. Im so excited about this show in 2 weeks time and I am busy creating lots of new bears especially for the show.

S x

Monday, 20 June 2011

An excuse to dress up!!!!!!

I love having an excuse to dress up. Its not very often I put on the glad rags as I spend most of my time wearing comfy clothes for work or comfier clothes for home. ( That is a sign of age )...

Well after 19 years my sister in law and her partner decided to tie the knot. It was a fabulous wedding and gave us a good excuse to dress up and take pictures..


S x

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Save the date.....

Ive just had confirmation that I have been selected to participate in another online bear show.

It is called Bears on Parade and it is being held on July 15th-17th 2011.

This show was a fabulous success in March and Im really excited about it.

S x

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Whos started spring cleaning?

Its funny, I see the first signs of sun and I want to start cleaning. ( not really, it only lasts a day )... Yesterday my hubby went away for the night to watch the footie, 2 kids went to my mums and the other went to town so I had the house to myself for a few hours. I spent 3 hours in my bedroom sorting out old clothes, cupboards, boxes and shelves. I threw out 3 bin bags full and had 2 bags of clothes for the charity shops and then filled up a whole bag full of other stuff to recycle. I cleaned and polished and hoovered. So I now have a nice tidy bedroom. Ive decided to get some new curtains and a rug to brighted the room up and then I will be finished.

Today Ive had my friends daughter round as she wanted to learn scrapbooking. So K, S and I spent quite a few hours having fun creating scrapbook pages. I haven't scrapbooked for ages but I found loads of my supplies in my bedroom so had a good sort out.

Heres a pic of K I took this afternoon to scrap.

S x

Monday, 14 March 2011

Some bears to show you

I have had 2 shows in the past month and I just wanted to show a few of the bears that went off to new homes that haven't had their picture on here before.

Ernest 6"

Selwyn 7"

Daryl 7"

Sugar Plum 9"

Emily 6.5"
I hope you like them.
S x

Sunday, 13 March 2011


The blooming bear show I told you about has been going on all weekend. It finishes later tonight and so far 3 out of my 4 bears have been adopted. I just have Penny available at the moment. Go and have a look at

Here she is:
S x

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

A Sneaky Peak

The next Teddy Bear Show I am participating in is the Blooming Bear Show which is an online show with over 75 Bear Artists participating from all over the world. I haven't quite finished all my bears for the show yet but here is one I have called Arthur.
He will be available on the day of the show in just over a weeks time.


We had a fabulous weekend in London and a great show at Hugglets. As always it was superbly orgainised and there were lots of people there. I wanted to thank everyone who came to say hi and a big thankyou to all of you that adopted a Scruffie Bear. My new designs went down a treat too.

Right I must get back to it, not enough hours in the day!!!!

S x

Friday, 25 February 2011

What are you doing at the weekend?

Well Im off to Hugglets on Sunday. It is the biggest Teddy Bear Fair in the country with over 170 stands of bear artists from all over the world. Its in Kensington Town Hall in Kensington and its on from 10.30am - 4pm. I am in Hall 4 on stand num 126.
I would love for anyone to pop over and say hi as I have lots of new designs that I have created.
Im also offering a discount of 10% to all my blog readers at the fair if you mention that you have read my blog.

Hope to see you there...

S x

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

My diets going nowhere fast !!!!

This loosing weight business is so hard this time round. I lost 3.5 stone last year but I let myslf slip after my holiday. I have since put back on nearly 2 stone and I feel so bad. I felt great last year, my slin was better, not so many aches and pains, no indigestion etc. I now feel like crap. I had every intention of getting back to it after Christmas but its just so hard. Im eating biscuits and sweets all the time. Last night after tea I went to Tesco and bought chocolate covered flap jacks and chocolate hob nobs. Why? This morning Ive had my breakfast and then made a cup of tea and dunked 6 of the chocolate hob nobs in it. OMG what is wrong with me.

Enough is enough now... I don't want to put all the weight back on. Imagine how I would feel then...

So new start tomorrow morning. I have got the summer to look forward to and I want to be able to wear the beautiful skirts I bought last year. I have my gym membership until June so Im starting some classes on Saturday.

I have had to write this down as I just feel so awful I need a kick up the bum to get going.

So hear goes. I think I will write on here how much Ive lost each month so watch this space....


Wednesday, 2 February 2011

All a blur..

Do you ever feel like time goes so fast that it leaves you in a blur. January has been like that. I don't know why but I don't really know what I acomplished last month. It was Phils B-day last week so we all went out for tea. We don't go out all together for a meal that often as its so expensive so it made a lovely change.

We have started having movie nights on a Saturday every week. We get lots of snacky things from the supermarket, buy a cheap dvd and after K is in bed the 4 of us watch it. We watched 2012 last week and this week we bought the Bourne series and watched the first one of those. Its alot cheaper than going out and we enjoy it.

I had lots of bargains in the sales in January. I left it until the final days of the sales and picked up some fab deals. In tesco I got 2 single quilt covers for the boy for £5, pack of pencils for 20p, notebooks for 20p and lots of bits. In boots they had a 75% off sale where they were clearing all of their sale stock. I got a beautiful case full of makeup for £11 instead of £45 and a purse for £2. I didn't really need the stuff but it has come in handy.

My top buy this month though has been a tastecard. It is a card that gives you discounts at thousands of retaurants in the UK. They normally sell for £69 but you could get a free trial for 3 mths. The discount is either 50% off or 2 for the price of 1 so you save alot. If you eat out alot it will save you alot of money.

I have a the Hugglets Winter Bearfest coming up on the 27th February and I have been so busy designing new bears for this show. I have to get cracking now as its not long.

Heres a photo of 2 bears I made a few years ago that came runner up in the British Bear Artist Awards.

S x

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

A New Toy

I had some money for Christmas so Ive treated myself to a new printer. I haven't had a colour printer since Kaitlin used my beloved Epson as a money box. The ink was rediculously expensive so I didn't use it much anyway. So I bought a Kodak all in one printer as I heard the ink was cheaper than all the others. I spent an hour on Sunday setting it up and Ive been printing some pics to put in frames. I did find the pics come out best if you use kodak paper though and set the quality to best. I need to update the stationary for my bears and I will be able to print off papers etc for my cardmaking. So Im chuffed. It doesn't take much to make me happy you know.
S x

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Time for some new goals

Its time I set my goals for 2011 while we are still in January. I always say its not really important in the grand scheme of things to achieve them but it really does give me a focus.

1. I would like to learn digital scrapbooking this year. Im still getting to grips with Photoshop Elements and I like what you can create on it. I want to create alot of digital layouts through out the year and have them made into a book. A year in our life so to speak. I saw it on someones blog and I really liked the idea.

2. To carry on taking as many pictures as possible and to get more organised in printing them and storing them.

3. Loose weight. I would like to carry on where I left off and loose 3 stone before the summer. I liked being able to wear lots of nice clothes in the summer and if we do go on holiday it would make me feel better. I am going to take my stats at the beginning of each month and document it too. I saw this on another blog and thought it was a great idea.

4. I want to decorate my whole house this year. I haven't decorated for along time and everywhere is shabby. The biggest obsticle I have is money. I am on a tight budget so I am only going to buy things that are 1. On sale 2. Given to me 3. Second Hand 4. Very good Value or 5. Handmade. I will start by decluttering and sell some of my clutter on ebay etc where I can build up a fund to start me off. ( This is a biggy as there is so much to do in our house ).

5. To focus more on the bears. I have arranged 5 fairs this year including an online show. I worked on some new designs towards the end of last year and I was really pleased with how they turned out. My downfall is I don't promote myself enough. Apart from the fairs I don't tend to get out there with the bears so thats my aim.

6. To Pay it back more in 2011. I am very very lucky to have a wonderful life and family. I have had my bad times too so I know what it feels like but I am grateful for all the things I have and know that alot of people aren't so lucky. I would like to take time think about what I do and the effect it will have on others and if I can help anyone I will ( I do always try to to this but I recently read something that really touched me so much that I am making it one of my goals).

Well I think 6 is enough don't you. Lets see how I get on. Heres a pic of Phil and I from our Holiday in the summer.

S x

Monday, 3 January 2011

Looking back at my Goals for 2010

I always set myself goals / aims each year. Sometimes I manage to do them, sometimes I don't. It doesn't really matter, it just gives me a focus. Now before I set new goals for 2011 I must look back on my goals for 2010.

Here goes,

1. To loose at least 2 stone
Weight loss is always on my list. I have battled with my weight all my life. I have found as I get older the weight has stopped me getting on with life like I should. I get out of breath easier, I have a bad back etc.

Well I lost 3.5 stone up to August for my holiday( I did manage to put 1.5 stone back on though from August to now) so I can say I did manage this one for a change. 2 stone lighter yay.......A long way to go still but I don't feel as bad.

2. To try out more recipies

I wanted to eat much better this year and that included all my family so more home cooking was the way to go.

Yes I did this one too. I now make meals from scratch most of the time. I have learnt to make alot of healthier food. My family haven't been ill through it either so thats a bonus. ( honestly if you asked any of my family 5 years ago about my cooking they would of laughed).

3. To learn to use Photoshop Elements

This is a program you spend years learning how to use.

I made alot of progress. I completed 2 more courses and Im developing a folder of techniques I can look back on. Still alot more to learn but Im happy.

4. To take more pics

I have a fabulous camera and I wanted to use it more. I also got a little camera for my handbag so I am always able to take a photo.

I have taken over 700 pictures this year, 300 of those were on holiday but I think Ive done quite well. Its the editing and printing them now that needs to worked on.

Thats how I did. Not bad at all. They were not big things in the grand scheme of life but just little things that make my life easier. Now to the goals for 2011.....

S x

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Pyjama Day....

I decided to have a pyjama day today. A day when I got up at dinnertime and lounged around all day. The thought of doing it was great. I roped my little princess in too and even eldest son. I duly got up at 12 ( even though I was awake at 10 ). I had come down earlier to make tea and toast to feed us in bed. It was bliss. It felt naughty. I had thought of keeping the curtains shut all day and ignoring the door if anyone knocked. I was content - until Phil decided it was just disgusting that we should lounge around all day in our night wear and stay in bed. So I got up and got dressed as he anoyed me. Eldest son managed to stay in his pjs a bit longer and little princess stayed in hers all day. ( Good on her ). So my pyjama day was ruined. I am normally rushing round every day either at work or looking after my family so I wanted one day ( just the one) where I did nothing. I shall work on Phil, make him believe its his idea and believe me we will all have at least one day this year where we shut the world out and relax in our own little world.
It was really funny though because my father in law rang up at 1pm to see if we were all alright as he had driven past and all the curtains were shut.......


Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Hoping you all have a great 2011!!!