Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year. I want to wish everyone all the best for 2010.

Well I have looked back at 2009 and think I had a really good year. We have all come to the end of this year, healthy, happy and looking positively to 2010.

I had 4 aims for 2009 which were to loose weight, cook more, make more bears and learn how to use photo shop. So how have I done. Not bad at all....

Weight wise I lost a stone, so to say it loudly I'm 1 stone lighter now than I was 12 months ago. So its not 4 stone but I'm still pleased. I haven't dieted as such just eaten better and started walking. I have a good friend who I walk with 3 times a week. We try to walk for an hour each time and we really enjoy it.

I now cook alot more. I have found it cheaper and tastier to cook from scratch and have recipes I cook quite often. I would say 3 to 4 times a week we have a good meal.

I have made more bears. Not quite 52 but more than I was. I had 3 really good fairs this year where I sold well and had a few commissions as well. The highlight in September was a 2 shops ordering from me. One in Germany and the other over here. So I'm really pleased with how the bear business is going.

Lastly I have learnt quite a bit about photo shop elements. I have found a fantastic website where you do classes in photo shop and they are easy to follow. I have completed 2 this year so I'm chuffed with that.

My aims for 2010 are:

To loose more weight. I want to give myself a kick this January and carry on with what I did last year but with less cheating. Aiming for at least 2 stone this year as a start. I'm going to carry on walking and cutting out fatty food. I have also just ordered myself a juicer so I can get my 5 a day easier. It was on special offer from QVC and Id been eyeing up this make for ages.

Look at this beauty. Is a Jack Lalanne power juicer which takes whole fruit without having to peel it.

Aim num 2 is to try out more recipes. It is just having the time to try new things but Ive been given a fabulous cookbook for Christmas called Just One Pot. It is full with recipes where you use just one pan or pot or dish. So here goes.
Aim num 3 is to carry on learning about Photo shop. It is such a complex programme that you have to learn to use it. I love what I can do with it. Not just for my pictures but for making things too. So I will do more courses when and where I can. The website I can highly recommend is It is fantastic and is full of all things creative.
Aim num 4 is related to aim num 3. I want to take more photos and fill my house with our pictures, fill my scrapbooks with our memories. I have had a new camera for Christmas and its a tiny point and shoot camera for my handbag. I love my big camera but I loose out on photos when I don't take it so I have no excuse now. I will see how I go but I'm going to try and take a photo a day. Whether its of one of the kids or just something from my life I don't care.
So that's a start. If I think of anything else I want to do I will post it on here but these are my aims for this year as well as being happy and healthy. I also have a big birthday this year so I need to really think about what I want to do to celebrate that.
S x