Monday, 23 November 2009

Car trouble

As the title suggests Ive had car trouble today. All I can say is it was lucky it was on my day off, lucky I was near the garage and lucky it was still in warranty by 7 days.
Alot of cars now have computers in them and mine malfunctioned today leaving K and I sat in the garage for 2 hrs where we got it fixed. Still I was very lucky that they could fit me in and they could fix it today. I thanked them very much for this and whats 2 hrs in the general scheme of things anyway.

I had been looking for wallpaper for my conservatory. We have one wall and then there are windows on the other 3 sides so its only going to take 2 rolls. the trouble is I can't decide on a wallpaper as there is just so much choice.. I got a few samples a month ago and blu tacked them to the wall and every week since I come back with more I like. Today was no different. I found 4 more and I had to put these up too so its currently like a patchwork quilt in there. Im going to just have to make a decision and be done with it.

S x

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Last minute as per usual...

I don't like being a last minute kind of girl but it always works out that way. Up until today I had bought nothing for Christmas, no presents, cards, anything. My Mum has finished hers a few weeks ago. Why can't I be like that.... I always seem to have 100 jobs on the go at any one time. See at the moment Im in the middle of decorating my conservatory, waiting for new blinds,wanting to decorate numerous other rooms before the big day. Ive been finishing a few bear orders, sorting out a party for Kaitlins birthday next month and working full time too. So as you can see Xmas has been far from my thoughts so today I went to town and bought my Dads presents. (yipee)

I found some really cool photo frames in Marks and Spencers a while ago. They are black and the appature is 8 x 10 and they have a mount, all for £9.50. My intention was to put 3 on the stairs with pics of the kids. I have a lovely one of J except his hair is a bit long but as he has his brace now he won't let me take another. W informs me none of the pics I have of him are any good because they were taken pre hi-lights and pre straightening and K is growing so quickly I need another one of her. So thats my plan for tomorrow, taking pics of W and K to go on my wall.

Heres the pic I have of J.

Susan x