Thursday, 15 October 2009

Im in the mood for dancing.......

Im back after my little jaunt to Manchester on Tuesday, where I went to see the Nolans in concert. Wow what a great show is all I can say. It was brilliant and id highly recommend it to anyone who wants a good night. What I love about them is they are real women with real figures who can really sing and they are down to earth.

I went with my friend and we had a lovely time in Manchester, shopping and eating... We stayed in a great hotel where they helped us no end, explaining how to get to all the shops we needed to find ( as a girl has to ). I even drove there which is a feat for me as I don't like going out of my comfort zone when Im driving. I only feel confident in areas I know but Im determined to beat this and get out and about.
Ive also had a really busy week with family. K has been invited to 3 parties in one week, W had a school trip tonight and I have to go and pick him up at 11.30pm.... Its all go. I can't wait for the weekend to just be able to chill out.
S x

Monday, 5 October 2009

On a mission

The kids enjoying time at the beach in Torquay

Im currently on a mission to find things to do for free or at least not much money. We have cut our outgoings by more than half over the past 12 months to give us more available money at the end of the month. Whilst this is a great feeling I now look at the value of everything from days out to meals to the weekly food shopping.
Now every week I meet up with a few friends and we hang out with the kidlets. We tend to go to the local playcentre and have coffee or lunch while the kids play. last week we decided to do things a little cheaper so after picking up our little ones from school we walked up to our park. Its a fair walk from my house so it took a while as a 3 year old only has little legs so you tend to go quite slowly. We spent a good hour at the park and the kids had a ball on the swings etc. Next we set off to collect conkers. I used to love collecting conkers when I was little. K thought she had to collect every single conker she saw and had filled our bag before we knew it. So another hour went by with this endeavour. Then off we went to our local library. Its years since I went and I couldn't find my card so I needed to rejoin, so K and I joined together. Wow it was kidlet heaven in there. K loves books so she was in her element. They have dvds you can rent for the children too so we spent another great hour in there.
So a totally free 3 hours of enjoyment which I enjoyed more then the playcentre as I usually come out of there with a headache from the noise of 30 little children screaming at full volume for 2 hours.

S x