Sunday, 27 September 2009

All quiet on the home front

Its nice to have a quiet week sometimes. As Im self employed each week varies depending on what appointments I have. Im very lucky that Im very busy most of the time but I do get the odd quiet week. Where I might work 20 hours instead of 28 to 30. i had such a week this week. As my baby had gone to school every day I made the most of it, my ironing was up to date and food filled the cupboards and all meals were planned in advance ( never heard of here).
I have been planning a couple of trips though. In 2 weeks a friend and I travel to Manchester to see the Nolans in concert. We are staying the night and having a girly shopping day the next day. I was a little bit young for the Nolans but I remember all their songs. I get up on the dance floor whenever they come on ( LOL ). My friend is a couple of years older so they were full strength when she was a teenager going clubbing. I can't wait.....
Next Phil talked me into going to London with him to watch a football match. I won't go to the football but I will go and have a 3 hr wander around Harrods. I love this shop. It is the biggest shop you can imagine, over 5 floors and you can buy anything you want. If they don't stock it they know where to get it from. This time of year they have a Christmas department selling all things Christmasy. Very expensive but I will buy a decoration to add to my collection. The tiolets are unbelieveable too. They are very ornate and they have a lady to help you ( with what I don't know). They also have a table with all the best perfumes to sample.
Then they have a whole floor or nearly a whole floor dedicated to toys and children. When K was born I bought a cd from there that was filled with songs with her name in. Then the bears, they have loads of steiff and other makes. Im sure I can while a day away, never mind a few hours.
Up the road from there is a charity shop which has wonderful items in it. It might be because the whole area is posh that they have so many designer clothes and household items but I always go in for a gander.

S x

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Starting School

This week has seen my baby girl starting nursery school. I can't believe it. Shes only 3 and a half and she has to have a uniform and book bag. As shes my third I really don't want her to grow up as fast as she is. Am I an old fuddy duddy or what.
More on the fuddy duddy, did you watch Strictly Come Dancing on saturday? I love that programme and Im glad its back on to brighten up my Saturdays with the X factor. Anyway I don't know if Im getting old or what but there was a dress that one of the proffessionals wore that I really didn't like this week. Well I don't know how they could call it a dress, more 2 squares and a few pieces of lace. I think its spoiling the whole programme to have costumes like this. I love the dresses most of them wear but I feel this year they are getting a bit risque, if thats the right word. Phil thinks Im a prude.....


Monday, 14 September 2009

Fabulous Weekend

What a weekend. I had a great show at Hugglets. My best ever in fact. I met some lovely people too, some for the first time and others I have known for a long time. The time flew by and before I knew it we had to pack up.

As part of the weekend we got a great deal in a Crowne Plaza hotel where we had 2 nights for the price of one. It was by heathrow airport. As we had gone down on the friday we had the whole Saturday to fill and we wanted to go into London. Anyone who know central London knowns not to take your car in ( unless you know which car park to use). We got travel advice from reception and we set off to catch the bus and the tube. We got off in Leciester Square and sat outside a bar for a few drinks in the sunshine. We then saw a ticket office and wondered if we could be lucky enough to get tickets for a matinee show. We were lucky and got to see Sister Act at the London Paladium. It was fabulous and highly recommended to anyone who gets the chance to see it. We then went off to China Town and had a buffet. We headed back to the hotel and had a nice evening in the bar.

I must have been so relaxed the next morning that I overslept.... I like to get up an hour before I need to go anywhere as I always shower /wash my hair and do my makeup without rushing. Well I must have pressed snooze on my alarm and I ended up getting up 15 mins before I wanted to be having breakfast. I hate it when I have to rush and I panic. Anyway we got to the show in plenty of time and I managed to get everything set up with minutes to spare.

Roll on February for the next show.


Sunday, 6 September 2009


Well Ive had a lovely few weeks. The kidlets are now back at school and we only have a week to go until the biggest teddy bear show in the UK takes place on Sunday 13th September at Kensington Town Hall, London.

We have a weeks holiday in the Church Farm, Haven near Bognor Regis. It was great. The kids had a ball and we got to see quite alot of the south coast. We had a day in Brighton, a day in Portsmouth, and afternoon in Bognor Regis and a lovely shopping trip to Chichester. The weather was good and we just chilled out for a week.

Im full on at the moment trying to get ready for Hugglets.

Susan x