Sunday, 16 August 2009

Starting the countdown

Time flies doesn't it, too fast if you ask me. The kids have been off for 4 weeks now and have 2 and a half weeks left. Its time to think of buying uniforms and kitting out the pencil cases all over again. Little K is off to nursery in Sept and she has to wear a uniform too.

Its now exactly 4 weeks to Hugglets too. Why am I never prepared. I should have loads of bears made by now but I haven't. I do have quite a few in varying stages of completion but none actually finished. I am not going to list anymore on ebay now until after Hugglets which is 13th September in Kensington Town Hall.

Also my dear second son J has broken his arm last week. He was playing football with his friends and was in goal. On catching the ball his hand bent backwards and he broke a bone in his wrist. He is now in plaster up to his elbow. So much for us going abroad on holiday. It really wouldn't be fair on him to go on a holiday to greece or spain when the main entertainment is the pool, especially if you can't go in. Good job we hadn't booked as we were waiting for a cheaper last minute holiday.

Susan x

Tuesday, 11 August 2009


Im currently learning so much on my course about photoshop I thought Id have a go at designing something myself. My son is into Naruto which is a Japenese anime ( ? ). He has been asking me to design a graphic for him so i have. I had him sitting next to me telling me what to write but I put it all together myself and designed the background using brushes etc. It showed how much Ive been taking in from the course though as usually we just copy or tweak our designs instead of come up with something from scratch. So here is my attempt.

Susan x

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

A new course

Go me... go me.... go me......... Sorry Im singing out load here. I have started a new course on the Jessica Sprague website called brushabilities. Its all about the brush tool in photoshop and what you can create with it. It is our second day today and look what I made. Im so chuffed with it I am going to frame it to go on the wall. I am slowly learning more and more with photoshop and the possibilitlies you have with it. I will be creating my own adverts soon. Watch this space.

Ive had a lovely day out today. I took Kaitlin out with friends to a candle factory about 20mins from here. She made a lovely candle and then painted a candle holder for the candle too. They had lots of crafts for children so it meant we spent a good few hours with the kids being entertained. After lunch we went to the ice cream farm. Wow there are hundreds of flavours to choose from as well as a brilliant play area for the kids. None of these places were expensive so a good day was had by all of us.

Susan x

Monday, 3 August 2009

A Perfect Birthday

Today is my birthday and I can honestly say it has been one of the best birthdays Ive had in years. Yesterday hubs and I took our eldest son to Leicester as he is has gone on Space School UK which is a form of summer school for kids interested in Space. He is going to be doing lots of things that are space related. Its being run by Leicester University and from the sound of things Bills is having a fabulous time. Anyway Ive digressed a little bit from my day.. We carried on the to my most favorite town in the whole wide world. Stratford Upon Avon as it was only 40 miles away from Leicester. We decided to stay in the Holiday Inn this time as hubs had found a cheap rate and its looks so nice. Normally you can never get in this hotel when we want to go. It is a fabulous hotel and the rooms are lovely, the staff are lovely and the food is pretty scrummy too. We had some money off vouchers so we decided to have our dinner in the hotel as it was a 3 course carvery. It was delicious. Feeling absolutly stuffed we then went for a long walk around the town and had a nice evening sitting outside a pub by the river. The weather was perfect.

This morning we got up leisurely and had breakfast in the hotel which was really lovely. Then into town we went. Hubs had said he'd buy me a present there as I wanted a new watch but had to see one myself. Iended up with a lovely watch from Next, a new bag, some really funky luggage tags and lots of other bits.

We were only stopping till lunch time but because of the big breakfast we decided to have a meal on the way home instead of in Stratford. We ended up coming nearly all the way home and had a fabulous lunch at a restaurant not far from us called the Cheshire Cat. I would recommend this place to anyone as we have always had fabulous home cooked food there. They do meal deals in the day so it was very good value too.

Then we came home and picked up the other 2 kidlets and spent a nice evening with them. I haven't had many visitors with going away for the night but all my family and bessie mate made sure I had my presents and money before I went.

To top the evening off Ive just eaten an entire bag of thorntons vanilla fudge so what more could a girl ask for. I have felt utterly spoilt today and loved every minute of it.

I have put another bear on ebay tonight. His name is Bobby and he is 12" tall. If you want to see his auction, just click on his picture.

Bobby - 12"

Susan x