Sunday, 28 June 2009

Sunday night

Well its Sunday night so my weekend is almost over and what have I done. Not a lot....... I did a bit of spring cleaning the boys room yesterday. Oh boy, I found alsorts of interesting specimins of stuff under the beds and on the floor. I filled a big bin bag with rubbish. J seems to think the bin is behind his chest of draws where I found 15 empty crisp packets and numerous other pieces of rubbish. I just think teenage boys are from a different planet. It needs another sort out of their toy chests now but it looks 100% better than it was so it will have to be a work in progress.

Today we had our dinner at Mums. I love Mums Sunday dinner and we had a lovely time. We got home and I was taking pictures of a bear for ebay when I got hijacked by this little lady who covered my bear in a blanket and demanded I take her picture instead.

This is taken in the conservatory, which is a playroom come office.

This was taken on the trampeline. She was totally posing for both of these pictures.

Here is Chadwick, the bear I was photographing and I put him on ebay tonight. You can go to his auction by clicking on his picture.

Susan x

Friday, 26 June 2009

Another Technique

I figured out how to put a frame on a picture tonight after lots of practise in elements. The frame is actually in the photo. Im not 100% sure what I did but if I practise some more I could even start creating my own stationary for my bears.

Heres Freckle, the picture that I practised on.
Susan x

Thursday, 25 June 2009

What hit me?

Oh my goodness, I was ambling nicely through the beginning of this week with a busy Monday, catching up on shopping, ironing, banking etc. I even went for a 5 km walk on Monday evening and I was fine, full of energy and life. Then in the middle of the night on Monday I was awoken with a feeling like Id been hit by a train. I had such bad stomach cramps I thought I might of been in labour ( in my dreams). I had the most ferocius stomach upset Ive ever had. Without going into detail I couldn't move for 2 days. The only thiong I can think is it must of been something I ate ( or drank ) as no-one else has been ill. I did eat 5 flap jacks on monday as I had the monthly munchies and then I had a sachet of some slimming tea which smelt and tasted vile. but I had to drink to see if it does what it says on the pack.
Still Im fine now so I should be thankful but I just couldn't believe how you can go from full of life to not being able to get your head off the pillow to being full of life again within a week.

So as you can gather I haven't done much else this week. Yet.....

Susan x

Saturday, 20 June 2009


Well here we have my lastest bear to be put on ebay. I love coloured bears but don't tend to make them very often. He is from my Hairy Hoodlam range. If you want to visit his auction just click on his picture.
Ive had a very lazy day today. Apart from a bit of shopping this morning I decided to have a lie down on the sofa this afternoon as I was so tired. I had a headache which Ive had alot this week and I felt a bit dizzy. I slept for about an hour which was a much needed recharge. Sometimes I get so tired that I have to have an afternoon nap. ( Do I sound old now )
Susan x

Friday, 19 June 2009

Wow look at me...

Well I had a few cancellations today due to people being ill or changing their times so Ive had a few hours to play. Look at my header.. I can't believe Ive done that myself. Its not perfect, but Im thrilled Ive actually done something in this photoshop elements programme. Ive had to change my background as it didn't go with my lovely new banner but thats a small price to pay. The actual background to the banner I found on the internet ( hey Im not that clever yet). It was free here. They have loads of freebies so a bit of credit where its due.

Thats enough use of my brain today I think, Ive got a headache now.

p.s I don't know how to fit it in the frame its supposed to be in in this blogger but its better that I had before.

Susan x

Thursday, 18 June 2009


I went to take some pictures of my new baby nephew on Monday. He is absolutly beautiful and I can share his tiny toes with you. I haven't had permission off my sis to put his full pic on here yet and I don't want to do it without asking so tootsies it is for now.

Well I have to say a big thankyou to Ruth for explaining photoshop elements resizing to me. I have never come across a programme that has had me going round the twist before. I have now been resizing like mad all night to get the hang of it so thanks Ruth. Ive also played around with saturation and come up with a cool effect that I like. So heres my little princess deep in conversation with her toy dog.

S x

Monday, 15 June 2009

More pics

No Im not vain by putting a picture of me on here, I have an ulterior motive. By putting a photo on blogger it reduces it in size so I can resave it again. I am just not getting this whole resizing photos on elements. I did have a program called photo impact but I can't find the disc to put it on this computer and that used to resize pictures just great. Im finding photoshop elements to be so difficult in some ways. Also everytime I touch up a photo in either elements or picassa it becomes really bad quality. I think I am going to look for a course on photography and editing pics as its getting me down now. By the way this pic was taken by a photographer called Kirsty Wiseman who takes brilliant photos.

Now here is another one taken with my camera on automatic, ( which is mainly all I use ) but I have done no editing.
Susan x

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Picture of a Show Table

Here is a photo of my table at the fair last week. Its not very often I have this many bears together at once so I took a pic just to document it.

Heres a pic of Kaitlin that I took today too.

I went over to Liverpool today for a shopping trip. My friend and I can shop for England when we want to but today was possibly one of our best trips. We got the train from Hooton station as we don't ever like the idea of driving in Liverpool. Trains come every 15 mins even on a Sunday so that is fab. The main reason we were heading to Liverpool was for their Primark shop. It is enormous with 5 floors of clothes for all the family and household items too. I spent £50 and I swear the amount I bought anywhere else would of cost double or more. It is so cheap. We have to really watch the pennies now, ( like everyone else in this country with the resession ) so you can get a real sense of pleasure when you spend a little on such a lot. We had our lunch by the Albert Dock and then afternoon tea in the Beatles Hotel. Serious shoppers need at least 2 refreshment breaks you know.......... So a day well spent.

Susan x

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Sidney is on ebay

I placed Sidney on ebay today. Click on his picture to go to his auction.

I have also been playing in photoshop elements again as Im determined to get to grips with it. Ive now found I can do some basic editing quite easily as they have a quick fix section, just for me.......he he...

So a few more pics.
I took these at Chester Zoo in the new Butterfly House. Its truly amazing how close you could see these wonderful butterflies.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Fabulous Weekend in Stratford

If you have never been there you want to put Stratford Upon Avon on your list of places to visit in your lifetime as its fabulous. Its hard to explain but its a small town with such a laid back pace and beautiful scenery and fabulous shops. We love it. The weekend was great. It rained all day on Saturday but it didn't really matter as we browsed round the shops and sampled the wares of various pubs too. We found a lovely chineese restaurant which had an all you could eat buffet for dinner in the evening which was lush.

The main reason for us going to Stratford was for the Teddy Bear Artist Event on the Sunday. It is so well orgainised and such a welcoming fair, everybody was in really good spirits. It is run by Samantha Potter and her family and they don't make any profit because they donate all the proceeds to the British Heart Foundation. I did well with my bears and have even had lots of interest since I returned home too. I will definatly be booking for next year too.
I have been doing more messing about in photoshop elements over the last few days and here are a few pics from our holiday in Torquay.

The kids on the beach.

Susan x

Friday, 5 June 2009

Im packing all my things now for the bear fair at Stratford at on Sunday. Ive made quite a few new bears. With everything that has gone on over the past few weeks I will be glad of a weekend away. We are heading there early in the morning so we can spend as much time as possible in Stratford tomorrow. My mother in law is coming over to look after the kids and is staying the night here. So Ive been sprucing the house as much as possible for her to come.
Ive been for a 5km walk tonight with a friend of mine. We walked up a huge hill and then back again. It took an hour there and back and my legs are killing me now..... I am going to try to do it 3 times a week though and try to get fit.
If anyone is going to Stratford at the weekend then please come over and say hi. I know quite a few people did come over at Kensington which was nice.

Susan x