Sunday, 31 May 2009

Here is the same pic using the Picassa 3 software. Its a nice and easy software but doesn't have alot of features. But is less more?


Saturday, 30 May 2009

Photoshop Elements

I have had this program for almost 2 years and have never used it. I just couldn't get my head around it at all. Anyway I bought a book (more like an encyclopedia) to teach me how to use it. It cost half the price of the program but I figure it will be worth it if I can use it on my photos. I love taking pictures and currently I edit them in a free program I found called Picassa 3 which has been great but I now want to do a bit more. I have been playing tonight and found a photo I hated. It was awful of me, I had a really shiny face ( as you do when all your makeup comes off) so I wanted to disguise this. This is what I di with it.

This is way better than the original and its fun. The biggest thing I wanted to learn was how to resize the photos. It hasn't sunk in though.....

Susan x

Monday, 25 May 2009

It never rains but it pours....

I seem to have had a lot happen in the past 6 mths and the past few weeks have really been the icing on the cake.

Firstly my Mum had a fall 2 weeks ago in my garden and she broke her hip. It was so awful and it has really opened my eyes to how the NHS is run. We had to call an ambulance for Mum as she couldn't even get up when she fell. No-one was allowed to go with her as the hospital was on shut down. ( This means no visitors are allowed as they have an infection which they are trying to contain) Poor Mum, she was frightened on her own. This continued for 2 days when we were finally allowed in to see her. They didn't operate on her for 2 days and she had been in so much pain. I am very dissapointed with alot of the care my Mum has received. I am not saying its the fault of the nurses or doctors as most of them are lovely and I mean truly lovely, but the odd few have been awful. I think its so sad that one more wonderful service we had is going down due to cost cutting and running it like a business.

My little sister has had a little baby boy in the meantime. He was born on Thursday 21st May. She has called him Jamie Frank Peers. He is just so cute and tiny too. Im hoping to take some nice pics of him soon.

Kaitlin woke up with a rash today. Chicken Pox has been going round her play school so I have been really worried it might be that. It hasn't turned into spots just a rash on her tummy and back and she has been full of beans today so it might be something else. Here hoping anyway.

One of my hobbies is photography ( Im only just starting ) and I promised my friend I would take some pictures for her at the weekend. Its great practise for me. Im considering taking it further as I love it. Heres a few pics of her.

And heres my daughter with my friends daughter.

How cute are they..

So heres hoping things calm down a bit for a few weeks.

Susan X

Friday, 8 May 2009

14 years ago today....

Saturday, I had my first child. Wow doesn't that make me feel old. I can remember every minute of the day too. It was Chester Races and I went into labour at 4pm in the afternoon and we needed to get to the other side of Chester to the hospital. Needless to say we made it and I ended up having Will at 10pm in the evening. I don't feel a minute older than I was that day although my body certainly looks it.

On the diet front I have lost 5 Ibs this week. Hooray...... Ive descovered green tea. Apparently its a great antioxident and is well known to help you loose weight. ( I don't know how true it is but I will believe anything).I have also started excersising so I think that has helped. I have doubled the amount of water Ive been drinking and my skin feels alot better. I have been suffering from spots on my face for a while and these have got alot better. So Im getting nearer to the stone mark now.

Its panic mode for the bears. I have 4 weeks till the fair now and I haven't actually sewn any. I have cut a few out though .....

Susan x

Friday, 1 May 2009

May Day

This year is flying by isn't it. It was only Christmas 5 minutes ago and now we are looking towards the summer. I really want to buy some nice plants this weekend and tidy up the garden. I love flowers and always wish Id got more plants when the summer gets here so Im going to make an effort.

Im starting to get the conservatory / office / playroom sorted now. My cupboards from ikea are fab and have sorted all of the toys out. Ive filled alot of paperwork away and its mainly the desk and bookcase left to do now.

I am going to be having a table at the teddy bear event in Stratford in June, so Im now going to get all fluffy cutting out this weekend. Ive decided to make a few more smaller bears for this fair and more Pandas and try to have a theme.

We went to Torquay and had a brilliant time. The hotel where we stopped was part of a group called the Torquay leisure Resort and I would recommend it to anyone. There was soooo much for the kids to do they had a whale of a time. The food was lovely and because we were half board we didn't need to spend much on food.
On the way home we stayed at the Alton Towers hotel. We got a great deal and paid less than half price. This was fabulous. Really swish. If you stay at the hotel you get to go into the theme park 1 hour before it opens which is worth its weight in gold. The boys ran round going on all the big rides before 10am so there was no queuing. So Id really recommend the hotel just for that...

Its along time since we had a holiday in this country and I for one will definatly be doing it again later in the year.

I put weight on in Torquay which was a bummer. Only 4Ibs but Ive been trying ever since to shift it again so I ended up getting back to just 3 IBs lost in total. Now Im only a pound of where I was so its getting there. 8IBs down now. How hard is it to loose weight though.... I want to aim for another 7 Ibs this month to take me to the next stone down.

S x