Friday, 10 April 2009

Catch Up

I don't seem to have blogged lately as Ive been busy so its catch up time tonight. Well I lost another 3 Ibs and then this week I put 2 IBs on. So we are up to 7 IBs lost now. I could pinch myself as I know what Ive done. Ive eaten chocolate till it came out of my ears and we haven't reached Easter yet.. I can only put it down to that particular time in each month when I eat anything and everything sweet in sight. So hands slapped and back to it next week.

We have booked to go away for a few days. We have found a cool looking hotel in Torquay as we think going abroad at the moment is too expensive. When you have 2 boys who are now classed as adults on a plane its a bit much. I used to go to Torquay when I was growing up with my Mum and Dad and I loved it and this country has so many nice places to visit. It is supposed to be warmer than here and the hotel has loads for kids so if anything it will be a nice break. Last year I only took 3 days off work so I think I need it. When you are self employed you don't tend to take many hols as you don't get paid whilst your off....

Oh Ive been to ikea twice now as I like the cupboard I bought the first time so much I went back for another. Phil has put them up and they are now filled with toys. How can a 3 year old have so many toys. By the way I love ikea.

Saturday nights have just got better now. Robin Hood has started again which I love and Primeval is back on too. There is a girl in that who has the most gorgeous hair. Shes called Abbey in the show and the hair style is very short, very white and elfin like. There are only a tiny amount of people who could carry this kind of style off and I wish one was me as I would love it. Anyway who could want to go out now on a Saturday......

I have my next bear fair coming up in June. Its called the Teddy Bear Artist Event and its in Stratford upon Avon. Im very concious I need to make some new creations but Ive been having a long look at my style and I want to concentrate more on some smaller bears.

S x