Friday, 27 February 2009

What a week....

Well what a week Ive had this week.

Starting with the good, we had a fabulous weekend in London. We went down on Saturday morning at about 9am and landed in London at about 1pm. We didn't want to go straight to the hotel as it was outside London in Slough so we hatched a plan to stop somewhere fairly close and get the tube or train into the city. We ended up parking by the Thames in Putney, finding a train station and heading for Waterloo station. You know I never realised that Will had never been on a that was a bonus. Anyway we thought about going on the London Eye but the queue was miles long. So we set off on foot over the river Thames and wandered aimlessly around the sights, stopping for ice-cream and drinks on route. It was so nice as the sun was out and we weren't in a rush. We must of walked for 3 miles but there were street dancers drawing crowds and we really enjoyed it. I love London just for the amount of things to do and places to see.
When we got to the hotel later they had upgraded our roon to a junior suite for free, which was fantastic.
I had a great time at Hugglets on the Sunday. A few of my bears went off to new homes and I had lots of interest. I saw lots of people I know and chatted to. I bought a fair amount of supplies. ( It would be rude not to when you have no postage to pay) Im still trying to put more bears on my website so watch this space.

Then the bad.
Kaitlin had been really ill at Mums on Sunday with a sickness bug. She ended up being so poorly for 3 whole days. Then Joe got it on Tuesday and then I got it on Wednesday night. Boy I have felt so ill for 2 whole days. Im only just starting to feel a little bit better. Phil went away on Tuesday morning so he missed the worst of it. I had to canel all my customers this week as I couldn't move with the kids Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday and then I slept most of Thursday and Friday.

On a good note, it was Joes Birthday today. Gosh he has been so happy. He mainly had money so Im sure that will burn a deep hole in his pocket. We got him a genuine Spain football shirt with Torres on the back and then Phil has took him away tonight to watch Liverpool play Middlesborough tomorrow. They are stopping in a hotel and have gone with lots of other supporters so I just know Joe will be in his element.

S x

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Mad Panic...

What a mad panic Ive been in tonight. The Hugglets show is on Sunday and we are leaving tomorrow morning and stopping overnight as London is at least 3 1/2 hour away from here. Ive had bears to tag, bags to pack, trousers to take up. You name it Ive done it. Will is coming with us this time and hes really excited. We will probably do a bit of sight seeing tomorrow afternoon. Ive just made a cuppa which Im going to enjoy before going to bed.

Phil has gone on a school reunion tonight so he hasn't come in yet. Its 25 years since he was in school. Its scary how time creeps up on you. You don't feel older yourself but you look in the mirror and it hits you....

Please come and say hi if you are going to Hugglets on Sunday. Im in hall 4, stand num 126. I can't wait to see old friends and meet new ones too.

S x

Monday, 16 February 2009

And a few more ....

S x

About Time

Its about time I put a couple of pics on this blog of mine. I have worked like a trooper for the past few weeks and I now have 15 bears ready for Hugglets. I am hoping to make another 2 this week. The weather was dark today so I could only take a few pics but here are 2 of the bears Im taking to Hugglets. I will hopefully take more pics tomorrow.



On another note we went out last night for a meal and we went to the pictures. We didn't want to spend to much as we want to save money for next weekend so we decided to go and see a film. We saw the Curious case of Benjamin Button. I loved it but Phil thought it was a bit slow. Its ages since I went to the cinema so it was a nice change. We had our tea in a pub called the Eight Rights which is just outside Chester. We had a lovely meal for less than £16 for the 2 of us. They do a fab curry deal where its £4.80 for your choice of curry, rice or chips, nan bread and a pint of either beer or pop. So phil went for that and I had a sandwich with a portion of chips. We then shared this fabulous desert. Chocolate Brownie Sundae. Its huge, enough for 3 people really. So all in all a good night. I love getting bargains now and am always searching for offers. We even called at Tesco for our sweets for during the film as the cinema always charges over the top.
S x

Tuesday, 10 February 2009


I haven't had a minute to myself this week. I was very busy with the hairdressing, working all evening on the bears and Saturday was spent cleaning and sorting my kitchen.

On Sunday we went to Colwyn Bay which is a seaside town about 35 mins away from us on the North Wales coast. Both of the boys were in a kickboxing tournament being held there. Both of them came second and won trophys in their individual categorys. Will was in a points category while Joe was in a continuous category. All I can say is I had to cover my eyes when Joe was fighting as it was too physical for me. They were going hell for leather. We had a nice day though and stopped for tea on the way back.

Im on target with my bears. Ive made 8 so far and will be putting up previews when I get their photos taken. At this rate I might make a big one if I have time ( or any stuffing left)...

S x

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Extraordinary day !!!

Wow yesterday was a day to remember. I had to take Joe to the optitians really early, which was fine. They were running late so we actually go in for his eye test at 10am instead of 9.20am. So I was grumpy, never mind Joe. While doing all his tests, she took a long time over one test. Then off she went to get another optitian to take a look. They were nodding and agreeing with each other while Joe and I were wondering what was up. Then she went out of the room for 10 mins and said she was ringing a specialist. Now we are talking a Saturday here so my mind was working over time. Next minute she came back and said I need you to go straight away to Arrow Park Hospital to see the said Specialist. Please go straight away she said.
Arrow Park is not our local hopsital as its towards Birkenhead / Heswall. Well I was on my own and didn't have a clue how to get there and the sat nav wouldn't find it so I had to get directions from the opticians.
Anyway half an hour later I found the hospital, found where we needed to be and waited to see the specialist. He came along and said the optitian was worried as she has hardly ever seen what was wrong before and needed a second opinion. Well he was fabulous, he did lots of tests, asked lots of questions and talked to Joe in a way that found out lots of info. He even did a scan on his eyes. Worried wasn't in in for me, I was really scared. It turned out Joes optical nerve appeared swolen which can be a sign of other things, but it was fine, it was just a part of his development with his power of vision and he ruled out everything.
Joe now has to wear glasses all the time, and we are going to try and find special sport glasses too. So on Monday I have to take him back to choose new glasses.
We got back home about 2pm and I treated Joe to a Mcdonalds.

In the meantime Phil had taken William to Jodral Bank which is a giant telescope, satelite not far from here for the afternoon. Wills really interested in Space and it was nice for his dad to spend time with him on his own.

On the bear front I have all the bears sewn up now and Im allowing 2 days each for the larger bears ( 5 of them ) and 1 day each for the smallers ones (7 of them) with a few days extra for luck........ Hugglets is on the 22nd February so we are talking a very tight schedule with me working as well.

S x