Friday, 30 January 2009

So Tired....

I am soooooo tired today. Do you ever feel that tired on a friday. I could honestly sleep on a washing line. Mind Im that tired my head is really hurting. I so look forward to a friday night as I know I will have 3 days off. But then its all the washing, ironing, shopping, cleaning ( whats that) and tidying. I wish I had a fairy to do it all for me..
So as you can tell, Im down in the dumps tonight.

Ive got to take Joe for an eye test tomorrow. He needs new glasses and is overdue a test. The bad part is that its at 9.20am. So no lie in for me.

S x

Sunday, 25 January 2009

So much to say

You know how it is, you have so many things to do and you have so much to remember. I have to write everything down now as I always forget.
This week has been really busy. Wednesday was Wills parents evening. Although I look forward to going I hate the way its set up.
Will has a timetable which he takes round to the teachers he really wants us to see. Id like to see them all but there would be no chance. Anyway he only managed to get 6 appointments as all the other teachers were booked up. Now this is a big gripe of mine. They need to have it on later or make it over 2 nights so you can see all the ones you want.
Anyway when we get there the room is set up with teachers all round the outside sitting at little tables and then rows of chairs in the centre for us parents. They are only allowed 5 mins per parent and we all have times. Well can you imagine what its like, everytime someone gets up from a teacher 5 sets of parents all scramble to get in the chairs quick enough as everyone goes out of turn. I hate it.
After all that though we have had really good reports from all of the teachers that we did see. So we are 2 really pleased parents.

Friday I went back for my appointment with the nurse. I had alot of blood taken last week and they said I am just fine. They tested for diabetes and under active thyroid, cholesterol and other things so thats really good news. My Mum suffers from high cholesterol and with the way my diet was... I was a bit anxious. But the good news was it was 4.2 which is good apparently.
Then came the weight. Well I haven't really settled into my new eating plan too well yet so I was trying to think of excuses all the way to the doctors on Friday. Anyway she weighed me and Im 1 kg less than last week. I was really pleased with that considering the mini eggs..... I have to go back in 2 weeks now.

Onto the bears. I have 13 cut out and now have 6 sewn up. Im going to sew them all before I start work on each one individually. All my little ones I sew by hand and then the bigger ones are tacked together and then I go over them on the sewing machine twice because they have to stand the stuffing. Im making a mixture of sizes and colours including a couple of brightly coloured bears this time. Itys 4 weeks to go now till Hugglets so Im working on them every night.

Susan x

Monday, 19 January 2009

Top 100 Bear Artists Blogs

After reading a fellow bear artists blog today I joined the list for the top 100 bear artists blogs. If you want to see the list follow the link at the side.
Well Ive spent a good few hours being noisy and looking at these blogs. Wow is all I can say. Now my little space on the web looks so plain and boring. I can't even create a decent header, although I do have a certain adorable person who is designing one for me. Watch this space..

Aim Num 4
Now to follow this total lack of creativity in the digital design world I have decided my 4th aim is to master photoshop elements. I bought this over 2 years ago and I still haven't installed it on the computer as Im so scared it will take up all my memory. ( I really need a new computer but that isn't an option right now). I want to be able to create my own banners, adverts etc but find it very daunting at the moment.

Phil got himself a little run around today. Just a little Golf but it means he can now go out with the kids when Im working. He has his van but can't put Kaitlins car seat in it so he is stuck when Im working late and he needs to take the boys to one of their clubs. You should of seen him today though, off he popped for a tax disc, insurance and he even pumped up the tyres and put diesel in and my dad charged the battery. I haven't seen him move so much in a few years. LOL.

On another note. My diet has been going quite well but I have had a few cheats. ( Mini eggs should be banned). I know Im only cheating myself so I need to stop it.

I also rejoined my group on UKS today. I haven't joined in for a long time after all that has been happening here but I felt the time is right now to get back to normal and stop feeling so down on myself. I love UKS as everyone is fab and my team is especially nice. ( I would say that )...

Right I really must cut out another 2 bears tonight if I want to keep to my schedule for hugglets.


Tuesday, 13 January 2009

My new lifestyle...

Starts tomorrow. Well I have to have one last pig out before we start.
I went to see the nurse today to start my lifestyle plan off. ( That sounds better than weight loss plan). She gave me lots of info and we had a really good chat about eating better and getting more active. The whole thing isn't about loosing weight so quick you can see it in a week, its about changing your way of living so you automatically loose weight over along time. Im going to aim for a 1LB a week which sounds like nothing but over a year its 52 LBs. What I would give to be that much lighter in a years time. Im that mortified about what I weigh I could never say it out loud. I also have to have a full blood test on Thursday to rule out any illness that could of made me put on that much weight. ( As if )
So Im sat here eating my last bag of mini eggs for a while.. Why do they have to sell mini eggs straight after Christmas? Im told I can still have treats but just not as often as I do now.....

So watch this space,

S x

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Thinking of Bears

Well Im doing alot of thinking about the bears at the moment. Now I work full time again I don't get round to making as many. I have booked 2 bear fairs this year and just before Christmas I heard from Irene at Hugglets to say they had a space at the Winter Bearfest on 22nd February if I wanted it. Well I had such a good time in December at the last Hugglets fair, I just had to say yes... Now I have just over 5 weeks to make a fair few bears and I need some inspiration to get me going. I found a great website after reading another bear artists blog where you can make a mosaic picture of lots of little pictures so guess what Ive been doing tonight. These are just a few bears from the past few years.

Aim Num 3

That is to make alot more bears this year. I love making bears and love doing the fairs but always struggle to get enough made. I would like to make one a week this year, so that is my aim, 52 bears before the end of the year. This is entirly do-able. I would never rush a bear as they evolve and they take time but one a week is taking my time.

Susan x

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Highly Recommended

Tonight I locked myself in the kitchen and I cooked. Slaved over my cooker for an hour. I must admit I hate cooking, I am so impatient that I would of liked to give up. But I didn't. I made spagetti bolognaise. And everyone bar William ate it too. So a success. Now I know alot of people must wonder how Ive never learned to made such a simple reciepe but I didn't.

Sunday I made stew from my friends receipe and it was lovely. Need to make a note to put more veg in it so we can have it for 2 days.

So in less than a week I have made 2 meals from scratch. Wow Im so proud of myself.....

I also went back to work today. I love my job and my business has picked up to a point where Im nearly turning people away. I have lovely customers and it doesn't feel like going to work so thats a huge bonus. Im so glad I went back into hairdressing. And the money has helped no end too.

S x

Friday, 2 January 2009

Aim num 1 and 2

Well I have decided to come up with a list of aims this year instead of resolutions. Just becauseI never stick to resolutions.

Num 1.
To start a healthier lifestyle. I desperatly need to loose weight but instead of the usual diet clubs I want to do something that I can keep up. I went to see the nurse today for a check up for my asthma and she told me the surgery now offer a service where you get support off a nurse with weekly or fortnightly weigh ins and lots of advise and support. Ive booked my first appointment for the 13th Jan so we shall see how we go. To be honest Im looking for something I can incorporate into all our lives as I think we could all do with being healthier.

Num 2.
To cook more often. I mean really cook.... Too much of our food comes from packets and its tasteless. So I treated myself to a new cookbook as Id heard lots of good things about it. Im not a big lover of Jamie Oliver but I wanted nice easy receipes and my friend recommended this one. I would like to cook properly at least twice a week if I can. Its hard as I work late 4 nights a week but the weekends will be my time in the kitchen. Fingers crossed.

I need to think of a couple more now.


Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year

I hope we all have a Happy and prosperous New Year in 2009.

I couldn't wait for 2008 to be over as it hasn't been the best year I have ever had...

Love S x