Tuesday, 29 December 2009

And now its over....

I adore Christmas and this year was no exception. I am like a kid myself on Christmas morning being woken at 4.30am by the kids. I made them go back to bed for a bit but we were all wide awake by 5.30am. They were all so pleased with everything and little K was so excited to see Santa had been.
I get quite down then after Christmas, and into January I feel deflated. We used to go away every year after Christmas just so we weren't getting that feeling but now school holidays don't permit it.
My big pressie this year was a new camera. Its tiny. A Nikon Coolpix so I can fit it in my handbag. I never take as many pics as I could as I hate trapesing round with my big camera all the time. My Canon camera is amazing and it takes fablous pics but you have to set your photos up so its not really a quick point and shoot camera.
So hopefully you should see more pics on here next year now.

Im working all day tomorrow and then Im off till next year.

S x

Monday, 23 November 2009

Car trouble

As the title suggests Ive had car trouble today. All I can say is it was lucky it was on my day off, lucky I was near the garage and lucky it was still in warranty by 7 days.
Alot of cars now have computers in them and mine malfunctioned today leaving K and I sat in the garage for 2 hrs where we got it fixed. Still I was very lucky that they could fit me in and they could fix it today. I thanked them very much for this and whats 2 hrs in the general scheme of things anyway.

I had been looking for wallpaper for my conservatory. We have one wall and then there are windows on the other 3 sides so its only going to take 2 rolls. the trouble is I can't decide on a wallpaper as there is just so much choice.. I got a few samples a month ago and blu tacked them to the wall and every week since I come back with more I like. Today was no different. I found 4 more and I had to put these up too so its currently like a patchwork quilt in there. Im going to just have to make a decision and be done with it.

S x

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Last minute as per usual...

I don't like being a last minute kind of girl but it always works out that way. Up until today I had bought nothing for Christmas, no presents, cards, anything. My Mum has finished hers a few weeks ago. Why can't I be like that.... I always seem to have 100 jobs on the go at any one time. See at the moment Im in the middle of decorating my conservatory, waiting for new blinds,wanting to decorate numerous other rooms before the big day. Ive been finishing a few bear orders, sorting out a party for Kaitlins birthday next month and working full time too. So as you can see Xmas has been far from my thoughts so today I went to town and bought my Dads presents. (yipee)

I found some really cool photo frames in Marks and Spencers a while ago. They are black and the appature is 8 x 10 and they have a mount, all for £9.50. My intention was to put 3 on the stairs with pics of the kids. I have a lovely one of J except his hair is a bit long but as he has his brace now he won't let me take another. W informs me none of the pics I have of him are any good because they were taken pre hi-lights and pre straightening and K is growing so quickly I need another one of her. So thats my plan for tomorrow, taking pics of W and K to go on my wall.

Heres the pic I have of J.

Susan x

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Im in the mood for dancing.......

Im back after my little jaunt to Manchester on Tuesday, where I went to see the Nolans in concert. Wow what a great show is all I can say. It was brilliant and id highly recommend it to anyone who wants a good night. What I love about them is they are real women with real figures who can really sing and they are down to earth.

I went with my friend and we had a lovely time in Manchester, shopping and eating... We stayed in a great hotel where they helped us no end, explaining how to get to all the shops we needed to find ( as a girl has to ). I even drove there which is a feat for me as I don't like going out of my comfort zone when Im driving. I only feel confident in areas I know but Im determined to beat this and get out and about.
Ive also had a really busy week with family. K has been invited to 3 parties in one week, W had a school trip tonight and I have to go and pick him up at 11.30pm.... Its all go. I can't wait for the weekend to just be able to chill out.
S x

Monday, 5 October 2009

On a mission

The kids enjoying time at the beach in Torquay

Im currently on a mission to find things to do for free or at least not much money. We have cut our outgoings by more than half over the past 12 months to give us more available money at the end of the month. Whilst this is a great feeling I now look at the value of everything from days out to meals to the weekly food shopping.
Now every week I meet up with a few friends and we hang out with the kidlets. We tend to go to the local playcentre and have coffee or lunch while the kids play. last week we decided to do things a little cheaper so after picking up our little ones from school we walked up to our park. Its a fair walk from my house so it took a while as a 3 year old only has little legs so you tend to go quite slowly. We spent a good hour at the park and the kids had a ball on the swings etc. Next we set off to collect conkers. I used to love collecting conkers when I was little. K thought she had to collect every single conker she saw and had filled our bag before we knew it. So another hour went by with this endeavour. Then off we went to our local library. Its years since I went and I couldn't find my card so I needed to rejoin, so K and I joined together. Wow it was kidlet heaven in there. K loves books so she was in her element. They have dvds you can rent for the children too so we spent another great hour in there.
So a totally free 3 hours of enjoyment which I enjoyed more then the playcentre as I usually come out of there with a headache from the noise of 30 little children screaming at full volume for 2 hours.

S x

Sunday, 27 September 2009

All quiet on the home front

Its nice to have a quiet week sometimes. As Im self employed each week varies depending on what appointments I have. Im very lucky that Im very busy most of the time but I do get the odd quiet week. Where I might work 20 hours instead of 28 to 30. i had such a week this week. As my baby had gone to school every day I made the most of it, my ironing was up to date and food filled the cupboards and all meals were planned in advance ( never heard of here).
I have been planning a couple of trips though. In 2 weeks a friend and I travel to Manchester to see the Nolans in concert. We are staying the night and having a girly shopping day the next day. I was a little bit young for the Nolans but I remember all their songs. I get up on the dance floor whenever they come on ( LOL ). My friend is a couple of years older so they were full strength when she was a teenager going clubbing. I can't wait.....
Next Phil talked me into going to London with him to watch a football match. I won't go to the football but I will go and have a 3 hr wander around Harrods. I love this shop. It is the biggest shop you can imagine, over 5 floors and you can buy anything you want. If they don't stock it they know where to get it from. This time of year they have a Christmas department selling all things Christmasy. Very expensive but I will buy a decoration to add to my collection. The tiolets are unbelieveable too. They are very ornate and they have a lady to help you ( with what I don't know). They also have a table with all the best perfumes to sample.
Then they have a whole floor or nearly a whole floor dedicated to toys and children. When K was born I bought a cd from there that was filled with songs with her name in. Then the bears, they have loads of steiff and other makes. Im sure I can while a day away, never mind a few hours.
Up the road from there is a charity shop which has wonderful items in it. It might be because the whole area is posh that they have so many designer clothes and household items but I always go in for a gander.

S x

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Starting School

This week has seen my baby girl starting nursery school. I can't believe it. Shes only 3 and a half and she has to have a uniform and book bag. As shes my third I really don't want her to grow up as fast as she is. Am I an old fuddy duddy or what.
More on the fuddy duddy, did you watch Strictly Come Dancing on saturday? I love that programme and Im glad its back on to brighten up my Saturdays with the X factor. Anyway I don't know if Im getting old or what but there was a dress that one of the proffessionals wore that I really didn't like this week. Well I don't know how they could call it a dress, more 2 squares and a few pieces of lace. I think its spoiling the whole programme to have costumes like this. I love the dresses most of them wear but I feel this year they are getting a bit risque, if thats the right word. Phil thinks Im a prude.....


Monday, 14 September 2009

Fabulous Weekend

What a weekend. I had a great show at Hugglets. My best ever in fact. I met some lovely people too, some for the first time and others I have known for a long time. The time flew by and before I knew it we had to pack up.

As part of the weekend we got a great deal in a Crowne Plaza hotel where we had 2 nights for the price of one. It was by heathrow airport. As we had gone down on the friday we had the whole Saturday to fill and we wanted to go into London. Anyone who know central London knowns not to take your car in ( unless you know which car park to use). We got travel advice from reception and we set off to catch the bus and the tube. We got off in Leciester Square and sat outside a bar for a few drinks in the sunshine. We then saw a ticket office and wondered if we could be lucky enough to get tickets for a matinee show. We were lucky and got to see Sister Act at the London Paladium. It was fabulous and highly recommended to anyone who gets the chance to see it. We then went off to China Town and had a buffet. We headed back to the hotel and had a nice evening in the bar.

I must have been so relaxed the next morning that I overslept.... I like to get up an hour before I need to go anywhere as I always shower /wash my hair and do my makeup without rushing. Well I must have pressed snooze on my alarm and I ended up getting up 15 mins before I wanted to be having breakfast. I hate it when I have to rush and I panic. Anyway we got to the show in plenty of time and I managed to get everything set up with minutes to spare.

Roll on February for the next show.


Sunday, 6 September 2009


Well Ive had a lovely few weeks. The kidlets are now back at school and we only have a week to go until the biggest teddy bear show in the UK takes place on Sunday 13th September at Kensington Town Hall, London.

We have a weeks holiday in the Church Farm, Haven near Bognor Regis. It was great. The kids had a ball and we got to see quite alot of the south coast. We had a day in Brighton, a day in Portsmouth, and afternoon in Bognor Regis and a lovely shopping trip to Chichester. The weather was good and we just chilled out for a week.

Im full on at the moment trying to get ready for Hugglets.

Susan x

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Starting the countdown

Time flies doesn't it, too fast if you ask me. The kids have been off for 4 weeks now and have 2 and a half weeks left. Its time to think of buying uniforms and kitting out the pencil cases all over again. Little K is off to nursery in Sept and she has to wear a uniform too.

Its now exactly 4 weeks to Hugglets too. Why am I never prepared. I should have loads of bears made by now but I haven't. I do have quite a few in varying stages of completion but none actually finished. I am not going to list anymore on ebay now until after Hugglets which is 13th September in Kensington Town Hall.

Also my dear second son J has broken his arm last week. He was playing football with his friends and was in goal. On catching the ball his hand bent backwards and he broke a bone in his wrist. He is now in plaster up to his elbow. So much for us going abroad on holiday. It really wouldn't be fair on him to go on a holiday to greece or spain when the main entertainment is the pool, especially if you can't go in. Good job we hadn't booked as we were waiting for a cheaper last minute holiday.

Susan x

Tuesday, 11 August 2009


Im currently learning so much on my course about photoshop I thought Id have a go at designing something myself. My son is into Naruto which is a Japenese anime ( ? ). He has been asking me to design a graphic for him so i have. I had him sitting next to me telling me what to write but I put it all together myself and designed the background using brushes etc. It showed how much Ive been taking in from the course though as usually we just copy or tweak our designs instead of come up with something from scratch. So here is my attempt.

Susan x

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

A new course

Go me... go me.... go me......... Sorry Im singing out load here. I have started a new course on the Jessica Sprague website called brushabilities. Its all about the brush tool in photoshop and what you can create with it. It is our second day today and look what I made. Im so chuffed with it I am going to frame it to go on the wall. I am slowly learning more and more with photoshop and the possibilitlies you have with it. I will be creating my own adverts soon. Watch this space.

Ive had a lovely day out today. I took Kaitlin out with friends to a candle factory about 20mins from here. She made a lovely candle and then painted a candle holder for the candle too. They had lots of crafts for children so it meant we spent a good few hours with the kids being entertained. After lunch we went to the ice cream farm. Wow there are hundreds of flavours to choose from as well as a brilliant play area for the kids. None of these places were expensive so a good day was had by all of us.

Susan x

Monday, 3 August 2009

A Perfect Birthday

Today is my birthday and I can honestly say it has been one of the best birthdays Ive had in years. Yesterday hubs and I took our eldest son to Leicester as he is has gone on Space School UK which is a form of summer school for kids interested in Space. He is going to be doing lots of things that are space related. Its being run by Leicester University and from the sound of things Bills is having a fabulous time. Anyway Ive digressed a little bit from my day.. We carried on the to my most favorite town in the whole wide world. Stratford Upon Avon as it was only 40 miles away from Leicester. We decided to stay in the Holiday Inn this time as hubs had found a cheap rate and its looks so nice. Normally you can never get in this hotel when we want to go. It is a fabulous hotel and the rooms are lovely, the staff are lovely and the food is pretty scrummy too. We had some money off vouchers so we decided to have our dinner in the hotel as it was a 3 course carvery. It was delicious. Feeling absolutly stuffed we then went for a long walk around the town and had a nice evening sitting outside a pub by the river. The weather was perfect.

This morning we got up leisurely and had breakfast in the hotel which was really lovely. Then into town we went. Hubs had said he'd buy me a present there as I wanted a new watch but had to see one myself. Iended up with a lovely watch from Next, a new bag, some really funky luggage tags and lots of other bits.

We were only stopping till lunch time but because of the big breakfast we decided to have a meal on the way home instead of in Stratford. We ended up coming nearly all the way home and had a fabulous lunch at a restaurant not far from us called the Cheshire Cat. I would recommend this place to anyone as we have always had fabulous home cooked food there. They do meal deals in the day so it was very good value too.

Then we came home and picked up the other 2 kidlets and spent a nice evening with them. I haven't had many visitors with going away for the night but all my family and bessie mate made sure I had my presents and money before I went.

To top the evening off Ive just eaten an entire bag of thorntons vanilla fudge so what more could a girl ask for. I have felt utterly spoilt today and loved every minute of it.

I have put another bear on ebay tonight. His name is Bobby and he is 12" tall. If you want to see his auction, just click on his picture.

Bobby - 12"

Susan x

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Back on track

It seems like a long time since I started my weight loss plan back in January. Hows it gone? Slowly.... Ive lost then put on, then lost and then stayed the same for ages. I have lost about 1 stone 3 LBs in total but its slow for 7 months. Still its off and hopefully off for good. I stopped going to see the nurse back in March as they were always cancelling my appointments due to staff shortages. This week I have started going back to see the nurse and I am going for it once again. Not a diet but a plan for life. Ive got rid of all the bad food in my cupboards and just bought healthy which should help. So we will see how I get on. Id like to loose it a bit quicker but as long as its coming off I shall be pleased.

We are currently looking around for cheap holidays. We have been saving like mad and fancy a week away in the school holidays if we can find anything cheap enough. There are loads of bargains if you can wait till a few days before so we will keep looking.

Swine Flu has finally hit the first person in our family. My Mother in law has it. We haven't seen her for over a week so there is no chance we have of catching it from her but its scary how close to home it is now. We are wishing her a speedy recovery and the doctor has told her to stay in for at least 5 days so she doesn't pass it on. I know the majority of people have it mild but I have asthma so Im worried about that. I can't believe how quickly it is spreading around the country though.

Susan x

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Devon in July

Here is my latest bear. Ive called him Devon as I wish I was there at the moment. He is on ebay at the moment until next Sunday. If you would like to see his auction, please click on his picture.
I haven't done much this week at all. It was the first week that the kids are off and apart from them going to the pictures on Monday they have stayed in most of the week. The weather has been awful with rain every other minute. I have had a good sort out yesterday, I filled 2 bin bags with shredded paperwork that I didn't need. We had a vat return to fill in and you have to make sure your last 3 months of books are completly up to date to do that. We are nearly there though.
Susan x

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Ive got the bug

Well Ive just signed up to 2 new classes over at the Jessica Sprague website. She is starting a brand new class on 3rd August but you need to sign up now to get on it. Its called brushabilities and covers the brush tool in photoshop. She promises to show you how to create you own blog header as part of this class and as that was one of the reasons I wanted photoshop in the first place I thought Id get on it. Its my birthday in a few weeks and Ive asked my family for money instead of pressies so it will go towards these 2 classes. I have had this photo shop elements programme for 2 years and bought it to have a go at digital scrapbooking and creating my own banners etc. Problem was I couldn't get my head around it. I even bought a book to show me how to use it and that cost £30 and I couldn't get my head around that either. I can honestly say that the way Jessica Sprague teaches her classes in small video segments is fantastic and you keep going over what you have learnt so it does start to sink in too. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to learn how to use their photoshop programmes more.

Susan x

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Last Day on Course

I have added another bear to ebay today. His name is Roman. I have been taking his photo for an hour today as his mohair is tipped and wavy so it was hard to catch the right light. With my new found editing skills though it wasn't too bad. You can visit his auction by clicking on his photo.
Today was also the last day on my 2 week photoshop course. We had to make a 9 frame clipping mask. I didn't have 9 pics on my computer of similar things so I took 9 pics of Ks favorite toys at the moment. 7 of her toys from Peppa Pig and 2 of her disney princesses. I thought Id print this out and put it on her wall. I really need to get out there now and take loads more photos I can edit.....
Susan x

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Story Board and Colouring a photo

Well Im still on my course for photo editing and Im having a ball. I have gone from not being able to resize a photo to actually making art with my photos. I have learnt 2 techniques over the last 2 days which I never dreamed I could do. I learnt how to make a photo black and white and then to have one area coloured. I always wanted to know how people did this as its so cool.
Then I learnt how to make a storyboard. I read alot of photographers blogs and loved the way they created these for their photos. I didn't realize I could buy a frame and make one of these in the size I wanted to go in the frame. That is so cool. These are some pics I took of my friend and her children. I am totally inspired now.

I have one more lesson to complete before the course is over for me and I am so thankful that I stumbled upon this ladies website and was able to get on this awsome course for free. I also can't believe the amount of things there are on the internet for free. Fonts, brushes, frames etc, that world is your oyster. Gosh Im gushing a bit now.....

Susan x

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Last 2 projects

Yesterday saw us creating a burn technique around the edge of your photo so it effectively draws your eyes towards a focal point in your photo. This was an awful photo I had of 2 leopards from chester zoo but I think the editing I have done has now make it much better.
Todays lesson was so hard. We had to create our own mask and add texture and an edge burn and then add text but on top of an overlay. Boy I can't even remember all that myself. To me it turns a photo into a piece of art. Whether Id use this many techniques on one photo or not I don't know but it was a good challenge.
Ive been so bad on the diet front today. I went out with my friends and their daughters and after a morning spent at a playcentre we went to Mcdonalds for lunch. That wasn't the worst thing though. I fancied something sweet after and because we were at a large outlet village called Cheshire Oaks we found a hut selling Krispy Cream doughnuts. I don't even know if I have spelt it right. My friends were raving about it so I decided to by a box of 12 to take home. Well what a mistake. I have had 4 today and I feel totally awful now. ( They were nice though)

Monday, 13 July 2009

100th post

Wow Ive actually stuck to this blog to get to 100 posts. It is a bit adictive though as you keep doing it. I like the fact I can look back to a post I made a year ago, just like a diary. I heard you can have a blog made into a book eventually so youve got a permanent record so I might look into that.

Day 8 on my photoshop course see us adding text and texture. I had learnt how to add text but couldn't move it around or change the colour so Ive got a much better idea now. I have used a pic I took of K and my words leave little to the imagination but with more thought and researching for quotes it would be better. My aim is to eventually create my own banners and adverts.

Susan x

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Meet Marmaduke

Here is a new bear Ive created called Marmaduke. He is a big bear for me at 15 inches tall. He will be listed on ebay at 9pm tonight if you want to see him. Look at the frames around the pictures, I did that.....
Ive been sorting out loads of stuff today. I went through Kaitlins wardrobe and found about 100 outfits that no longer fit. We have decided to sell as much of our clutter as possible and see if we have enough to go away for a few days at the end of the school holidays. So to start with Ive listed loads of mohair on ebay. its pieces Im unlikely to use in the future.
Susan x

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Not so sure of this effect

Its day 6 on my course and Im really getting into it now. Today saw the use of TTV and how to apply it. then we could apply brushes too. Here is my pic of K but I think I should of had a scenery type of photo and not a person as it doesn't do it for me at all. Some of the other people on this course have uploaded fab pics tonight so it must be the type of photo.

I have freckle ending on ebay tomorrow and at this point in time he is still at £16 so he could go for a really low price. If you want to visit him click on his picture on the last post.

Susan x

Friday, 10 July 2009

Now we're Cooking on Gas

Today sees the introduction of textures. What the.... In my dreams I thought. But look what I did. Im so impressed. This is my freckle photo with 3 textures on it. Now here is the same photo with the textures and a frame on it. I had to use a bear pic because these textures would look silly on a happy smiley people photo and I haven't got anything else to hand. Im actually really getting a few things now and Im definatly going to carry on with more courses when this is finished because this lady sure has a way for teaching ( even dummies like me)..

Susan x

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Grungy frames

In day 4 of the photoshop course we learned how to apply a grungy frame. I have always wanted to be able to do this ( and now I can ).... This is most impressive stuff. I applied it to a picture of K and her rabbit.

We are now on countdown to the kids finishing school for the summer. W and J finish a week today but K finishes on Monday. They are off for just over 6 weeks. I would of liked to have gone away for a week in these hols but we shall have to see what comes up.

Susan x

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Day 3

It looks like this photoshop course is going to be great. It is in small chunks which are easy enough to get your head around. Today we had to age a photo and then frame it and put tiny stars on so it was a mix of all the lessons. I like that as you only commit things to memory if you keep redoing them. Here is my pic for today. This is my friend and her daughter. I think it adds something special to the photo, makes it arty. I am just so pleased to be learning something with this programme.

I had an invitation to attend a bear show in Austria today. I am so honoured as it seems like you can only go by invitation. I believe the show is in October so I need to see if I can manage to make it there. I have always wanted to go to Austria as it looks so beautiful.

Susan x

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

A lesson with brushes

Well again Ive learnt something new today. How to use brushes in photoshop. I didn't even know what it meant. Ive now learnt how to add brushes and change their colour and resize them. Wow. Here is the picture I used and the box around the cherish is a brush and then I added text to it. The possibilities are endless now. Im going to search around for some free brushes to use as apparently there are thousands.

Sweet J

Susan x

Monday, 6 July 2009

Photoshop Elements Course

I found a free course on the internet a few weeks ago giving tutorials for photoshop. Its a lady in America who runs courses and she offered a free 2 week course on framing your photos. You can't sign up for it anymore because it has already started. I have learnt so much just from lesson one today that Im thrilled. We had to frame a photo and use word art on it so heres my attempt.

She runs loads of courses in all aspects of photoshop and photography. Take a look at www.JessicaSprague.com

Susan x

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Bonfires at midnight

Well we had a very eventful evening last night and not in the best way either. I was on my computer last night in the conservatory at about 9pm and I started to smell smoke. I just thought it was a bit strange to smell smoke that late. Well my son had been in the garden and he comes rushing in telling me there was a fire in next doors garden. We flew outside and tried to look. I have a 10 foot conifer hedge between next door and us so you can't see a lot but we could smell it. Now they have a tiny garden and then a path which runs along the hedge which is about 6 foot wide, we have the same our side. Now guess where they had the bonfire. Right the other side of the hedge at the side of the hedge. Well there were sparks flying over the hedge and up my house as they had built it up so high. I just couldn't believe it. They have only moved in last September and because of how our houses lie and this big hedge, I have never met them. But to have a bonfire at night within 10 feet of someone elses house is out of order in my books. I wouldn't of minded as much if they had the decency to come round first to tell us to shut our windows and to warn us but no. I was so worried it ruined my night. My little girl was asleep in the room just above where they had it so her room filled with smoke. It was awful. Then to make it worse time was ticking on and each time we saw it die down they built it right back up again. I was trying to force Hubby to go round but he was telling me to calm down all the time. In the end it got to 12.30 am and hubby shouted through the hedge asking them what time they were going to put it out as it was 12.30. Then 15 minutes later we heard them put a hose to it but the smoke then was just awful.
Now am I being hyposensitive or do you think this is what we should put up from our neighbours. I like to think of myself as a considerate neighbour who likes to keep to herself but be friendly so Im very upset someone has no thought for me or my family.

We have had a pretty nice afternoon today though. The kids wanted to go to the pictures today so we dropped them off and then hubby, K and I went round the shops and out for lunch.

I have put Freckle on ebay tonight for a starting bid of 99p.

Click on his picture to go to his auction.

Susan x

Friday, 3 July 2009


Well after my last post my sis ended up in hospital with little J. She went in because he had screamed solidly for 8 hours give or take a few minutes for bottles. The hospital were excellent in that they saw her straight away and then kept them in to observe him. She was there all night and then all the next day. He was fully examined from head to toe and observed when he was screaming. They don't think its anything serious and have given sis a list of things she needs to do and they are at the end of a phone. She has come out today not knowing what exactly it is but more confident in the fact that someone is finally taking notice of her. So fingers crossed.

I was gutted today when Andy Murray lost his match. In the UK we don't have many people to pin your hopes on so its especially bad when they loose. I do think Andy is a superb player though and he will get there soon.

The heat has finally subsided a bit today after a really really heavy downpour and storms this morning. I understand the words tropical weather more now. We have had thunderstorms here almost every day for the past week.

Im not working this weekend and my Mum is having the kids for tea tomorrow so Im hoping hubby and I can go out and treat ourselves to tea tomorrow afternoon. We don't get to spend much time together as we pass like ships in the night. He works nights and I work days so we usually only spend an hour a day together and then with 3 kids you don't have much conversation that isn't listened into by little ears. Mind if we saw each other lots then we wouldn't have anything to talk about would we.

I have been working on a little bear this week. Im hoping to have him finished for Sunday, fingers crossed again.

Susan x

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Heat Wave .....

Oh my its so hot around here at the moment. I have been hoping for nice weather for so long and now its gone over the top. The humidity is awful and then we are having way too many storms and showers too. I shouldn't be moaning as I hate the winter with the cold and gloomy weather we have in the UK so I will shut up now.

My little baby nephew isn't very well at the moment. He is constantly screaming, I mean up to 10 to 12 hours a day. My sister is going out of her mind with it. She has had the health visitor, midwifes. 3 doctors and then a trip to A & E and all with no joy. They thought it was colic at first and then they thought it was silent reflux. Sis has changed his food 3 times and had him on gaviscone infant, infacol and other stuff too, none of which have helped much. She changed his bottles, then the teats and keeps him upright more which hasn't helped much either. She got in at the doctors again today and saw a lady doctor who fully checked him over and she wants him to have a days monitoring by a pediatritian. So fingers crossed she will get an appointment soon so that the baby can get treated.

Here he is a few weeks ago when he was asleep. We gently put him on his tummy for the picture.

And wasn't Andy Murray fantastic tonight. Mondays match was brilliant and had us on the edge of our seats but tonight he had a confident air about him. I can't wait till Friday for the next match.

Susan x

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Sunday night

Well its Sunday night so my weekend is almost over and what have I done. Not a lot....... I did a bit of spring cleaning the boys room yesterday. Oh boy, I found alsorts of interesting specimins of stuff under the beds and on the floor. I filled a big bin bag with rubbish. J seems to think the bin is behind his chest of draws where I found 15 empty crisp packets and numerous other pieces of rubbish. I just think teenage boys are from a different planet. It needs another sort out of their toy chests now but it looks 100% better than it was so it will have to be a work in progress.

Today we had our dinner at Mums. I love Mums Sunday dinner and we had a lovely time. We got home and I was taking pictures of a bear for ebay when I got hijacked by this little lady who covered my bear in a blanket and demanded I take her picture instead.

This is taken in the conservatory, which is a playroom come office.

This was taken on the trampeline. She was totally posing for both of these pictures.

Here is Chadwick, the bear I was photographing and I put him on ebay tonight. You can go to his auction by clicking on his picture.

Susan x

Friday, 26 June 2009

Another Technique

I figured out how to put a frame on a picture tonight after lots of practise in elements. The frame is actually in the photo. Im not 100% sure what I did but if I practise some more I could even start creating my own stationary for my bears.

Heres Freckle, the picture that I practised on.
Susan x

Thursday, 25 June 2009

What hit me?

Oh my goodness, I was ambling nicely through the beginning of this week with a busy Monday, catching up on shopping, ironing, banking etc. I even went for a 5 km walk on Monday evening and I was fine, full of energy and life. Then in the middle of the night on Monday I was awoken with a feeling like Id been hit by a train. I had such bad stomach cramps I thought I might of been in labour ( in my dreams). I had the most ferocius stomach upset Ive ever had. Without going into detail I couldn't move for 2 days. The only thiong I can think is it must of been something I ate ( or drank ) as no-one else has been ill. I did eat 5 flap jacks on monday as I had the monthly munchies and then I had a sachet of some slimming tea which smelt and tasted vile. but I had to drink to see if it does what it says on the pack.
Still Im fine now so I should be thankful but I just couldn't believe how you can go from full of life to not being able to get your head off the pillow to being full of life again within a week.

So as you can gather I haven't done much else this week. Yet.....

Susan x

Saturday, 20 June 2009


Well here we have my lastest bear to be put on ebay. I love coloured bears but don't tend to make them very often. He is from my Hairy Hoodlam range. If you want to visit his auction just click on his picture.
Ive had a very lazy day today. Apart from a bit of shopping this morning I decided to have a lie down on the sofa this afternoon as I was so tired. I had a headache which Ive had alot this week and I felt a bit dizzy. I slept for about an hour which was a much needed recharge. Sometimes I get so tired that I have to have an afternoon nap. ( Do I sound old now )
Susan x

Friday, 19 June 2009

Wow look at me...

Well I had a few cancellations today due to people being ill or changing their times so Ive had a few hours to play. Look at my header.. I can't believe Ive done that myself. Its not perfect, but Im thrilled Ive actually done something in this photoshop elements programme. Ive had to change my background as it didn't go with my lovely new banner but thats a small price to pay. The actual background to the banner I found on the internet ( hey Im not that clever yet). It was free here. They have loads of freebies so a bit of credit where its due.

Thats enough use of my brain today I think, Ive got a headache now.

p.s I don't know how to fit it in the frame its supposed to be in in this blogger but its better that I had before.

Susan x

Thursday, 18 June 2009


I went to take some pictures of my new baby nephew on Monday. He is absolutly beautiful and I can share his tiny toes with you. I haven't had permission off my sis to put his full pic on here yet and I don't want to do it without asking so tootsies it is for now.

Well I have to say a big thankyou to Ruth for explaining photoshop elements resizing to me. I have never come across a programme that has had me going round the twist before. I have now been resizing like mad all night to get the hang of it so thanks Ruth. Ive also played around with saturation and come up with a cool effect that I like. So heres my little princess deep in conversation with her toy dog.

S x

Monday, 15 June 2009

More pics

No Im not vain by putting a picture of me on here, I have an ulterior motive. By putting a photo on blogger it reduces it in size so I can resave it again. I am just not getting this whole resizing photos on elements. I did have a program called photo impact but I can't find the disc to put it on this computer and that used to resize pictures just great. Im finding photoshop elements to be so difficult in some ways. Also everytime I touch up a photo in either elements or picassa it becomes really bad quality. I think I am going to look for a course on photography and editing pics as its getting me down now. By the way this pic was taken by a photographer called Kirsty Wiseman who takes brilliant photos.

Now here is another one taken with my camera on automatic, ( which is mainly all I use ) but I have done no editing.
Susan x

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Picture of a Show Table

Here is a photo of my table at the fair last week. Its not very often I have this many bears together at once so I took a pic just to document it.

Heres a pic of Kaitlin that I took today too.

I went over to Liverpool today for a shopping trip. My friend and I can shop for England when we want to but today was possibly one of our best trips. We got the train from Hooton station as we don't ever like the idea of driving in Liverpool. Trains come every 15 mins even on a Sunday so that is fab. The main reason we were heading to Liverpool was for their Primark shop. It is enormous with 5 floors of clothes for all the family and household items too. I spent £50 and I swear the amount I bought anywhere else would of cost double or more. It is so cheap. We have to really watch the pennies now, ( like everyone else in this country with the resession ) so you can get a real sense of pleasure when you spend a little on such a lot. We had our lunch by the Albert Dock and then afternoon tea in the Beatles Hotel. Serious shoppers need at least 2 refreshment breaks you know.......... So a day well spent.

Susan x

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Sidney is on ebay

I placed Sidney on ebay today. Click on his picture to go to his auction.

I have also been playing in photoshop elements again as Im determined to get to grips with it. Ive now found I can do some basic editing quite easily as they have a quick fix section, just for me.......he he...

So a few more pics.
I took these at Chester Zoo in the new Butterfly House. Its truly amazing how close you could see these wonderful butterflies.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Fabulous Weekend in Stratford

If you have never been there you want to put Stratford Upon Avon on your list of places to visit in your lifetime as its fabulous. Its hard to explain but its a small town with such a laid back pace and beautiful scenery and fabulous shops. We love it. The weekend was great. It rained all day on Saturday but it didn't really matter as we browsed round the shops and sampled the wares of various pubs too. We found a lovely chineese restaurant which had an all you could eat buffet for dinner in the evening which was lush.

The main reason for us going to Stratford was for the Teddy Bear Artist Event on the Sunday. It is so well orgainised and such a welcoming fair, everybody was in really good spirits. It is run by Samantha Potter and her family and they don't make any profit because they donate all the proceeds to the British Heart Foundation. I did well with my bears and have even had lots of interest since I returned home too. I will definatly be booking for next year too.
I have been doing more messing about in photoshop elements over the last few days and here are a few pics from our holiday in Torquay.

The kids on the beach.

Susan x

Friday, 5 June 2009

Im packing all my things now for the bear fair at Stratford at on Sunday. Ive made quite a few new bears. With everything that has gone on over the past few weeks I will be glad of a weekend away. We are heading there early in the morning so we can spend as much time as possible in Stratford tomorrow. My mother in law is coming over to look after the kids and is staying the night here. So Ive been sprucing the house as much as possible for her to come.
Ive been for a 5km walk tonight with a friend of mine. We walked up a huge hill and then back again. It took an hour there and back and my legs are killing me now..... I am going to try to do it 3 times a week though and try to get fit.
If anyone is going to Stratford at the weekend then please come over and say hi. I know quite a few people did come over at Kensington which was nice.

Susan x

Sunday, 31 May 2009

Here is the same pic using the Picassa 3 software. Its a nice and easy software but doesn't have alot of features. But is less more?


Saturday, 30 May 2009

Photoshop Elements

I have had this program for almost 2 years and have never used it. I just couldn't get my head around it at all. Anyway I bought a book (more like an encyclopedia) to teach me how to use it. It cost half the price of the program but I figure it will be worth it if I can use it on my photos. I love taking pictures and currently I edit them in a free program I found called Picassa 3 which has been great but I now want to do a bit more. I have been playing tonight and found a photo I hated. It was awful of me, I had a really shiny face ( as you do when all your makeup comes off) so I wanted to disguise this. This is what I di with it.

This is way better than the original and its fun. The biggest thing I wanted to learn was how to resize the photos. It hasn't sunk in though.....

Susan x