Thursday, 24 January 2008

Long Time No See

Wow, its been so long since I posted. Well so much has happened here since November that I could talk for hours.

We got back from our holiday in Florida on Saturday after 3 weeks of fun. The weather was mixed this time, we had 1 week of hot weather, 3 days of cold cold - 1 weather and lots of rain. We went shopping when it rained. ( Well a girl has to do something in the rain). I had apretty bad time health wise this year too. I got an infection in my nose which swelled up all of my face and gave me severe headaches. We went to the hospital and they made me have a CT scan to check the headches weren't anything really serious. I ended up being on antibiotics for 10 days of the holiday but I am so glad I had insurance as I don't know what I would of had to pay otherwise. I had to pay $79 dollars as it was for a perscription. It makes you so grateful for our NHS.

Also I have a crown on one of my front teeth and whilst eating a chilled peanut flavoured snickers it fell out!!!!. I mean..... ( One week into the holiday and I had no front tooth). Well we looked up prices and it would of been quiet a few hundred dollars in the states so we thought Id better wait till I got home. Can you imagine, I was so embarressed talking to anyone. Anyway my dentist was able to stick it back in for the short term today and it cost a total of £12. I do have to go back for a root canal next week and have a post put in to secure the crown but they said that will cost £39. So again thank goodness for the NHS.

We had a great Christmas, lots of quality time spent with family. The children had so many lovely things that have kept them happy. The boys got a Wii between them and have had so much fun on it. Kaitlins presents have taken over the house and Im currently thinking of where we can put 4 pushchairs, 2 bikes , 2 cars and a scooter, amongst the 8 dolls and everything else she had. I could do with a big toy cupboard like they have at toddlers.....

Ive got lots of pictures to upload from my hols but they will have to wait till another day....

Susan x