Sunday, 22 June 2008

Creative Again


Its so nice to be creating again. After a really tough few months Im back making bears again. Im trying to make at least one a week. They have to be made at night as Kaitlin wants to help all the time and I don't want her to hurt herself on my tools. However she gets to give them a little cuddle when they are finished.

Kaitlin is really growing up fast now. Shes 2 and a half and talking like mad. She doesn't stop. But she is so cute now. You could cuddle her all day.

Susan x

Saturday, 14 June 2008

New Bears


I just wanted to post a few pics of some bears up on here. I have been editing pics this afternoon so wanted to add some colour to my blog.

Felix and Cracker have been adopted already but Gillespie has just gone on my website.




Thursday, 5 June 2008

Mad as a Hatter

At this point in time I feel as mad as a hatter.... In just 3 days I will be exhibiting at my first show for 3 years and I have nothing ready. I have quieyt a few new bears but Ive had to botrrow some of my Mums Scruffie Bears to fill out my table. I will be taking orders from these but with 3 days to go and Im working full time I don't have much choice.

Its at the Civic Hall in Stratford Upon Avon on Sunday if you want to pop along. Im actually really excited as I love bear fairs and this one is going to be a biggy. I need to take some photos of the new bears but I don't know when I will get a minute.

Why is my life always rush rush rush. Oh I know I don't prepare early enough. Well Im booked to do my first show at Kensington in September so I shall have to be better prepared for that.

Well it seems like months since Ive posted on here. We have had alot going on which has kept me busy. I have now built up my hairdressing business to about 25 to 30 hrs a week and Im loving it. Oh to have my own money again.....Even if it is only a few pounds I have spare, its mine.

We have started going out for a few days just lately too.Last weekend we went to the horse shoe pass which is an area of outstanding beauty not far from where I live. Well we took a picnic and climbed to the top of a big hill and ate it. The boys had such fun rrunning and rolling down the said hill. ( more like a mini mountain when your as unfit as me). It was lovely and then we all had ice creams at the bottom. So a cheap day out..

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Long Time No See

Wow, its been so long since I posted. Well so much has happened here since November that I could talk for hours.

We got back from our holiday in Florida on Saturday after 3 weeks of fun. The weather was mixed this time, we had 1 week of hot weather, 3 days of cold cold - 1 weather and lots of rain. We went shopping when it rained. ( Well a girl has to do something in the rain). I had apretty bad time health wise this year too. I got an infection in my nose which swelled up all of my face and gave me severe headaches. We went to the hospital and they made me have a CT scan to check the headches weren't anything really serious. I ended up being on antibiotics for 10 days of the holiday but I am so glad I had insurance as I don't know what I would of had to pay otherwise. I had to pay $79 dollars as it was for a perscription. It makes you so grateful for our NHS.

Also I have a crown on one of my front teeth and whilst eating a chilled peanut flavoured snickers it fell out!!!!. I mean..... ( One week into the holiday and I had no front tooth). Well we looked up prices and it would of been quiet a few hundred dollars in the states so we thought Id better wait till I got home. Can you imagine, I was so embarressed talking to anyone. Anyway my dentist was able to stick it back in for the short term today and it cost a total of £12. I do have to go back for a root canal next week and have a post put in to secure the crown but they said that will cost £39. So again thank goodness for the NHS.

We had a great Christmas, lots of quality time spent with family. The children had so many lovely things that have kept them happy. The boys got a Wii between them and have had so much fun on it. Kaitlins presents have taken over the house and Im currently thinking of where we can put 4 pushchairs, 2 bikes , 2 cars and a scooter, amongst the 8 dolls and everything else she had. I could do with a big toy cupboard like they have at toddlers.....

Ive got lots of pictures to upload from my hols but they will have to wait till another day....

Susan x