Wednesday, 14 November 2007

I got my Invitation.....

Im so pleased today, I received my invitation to attend the world famous Hugglets show next September. The last time I got an ivite I was pregnant so I had to turn it down. Hugglets festivals are by invitation only and you have to be vetted by sending off pictures of your bears. Im am so excited as it will be my first time. Im secretly hoping they get a cancellation for the February Winter Festival too....

If you sent me a sample of a colour for a bear ( mauve ) can you get in touch with me again by email. You know who you are, ( I don't want to put names on here). Aol has deleted all my old emails and Ive put your letter up for safe keeping and can't find it. So please don't think Ive forgotton you. Please email me.

Susan x

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Heres Cranbeary....

Here is Cranbeary. He is the largest of the bears I had this week. He is a Hairy Hoodlam. I love this design as its more comical with big feet and big noses. They are butch in stature too. Cranbeary will be making his way to my website as soon as Ive had a cup of tea.

My 2 little fellas have been adopted today and will be winging their way to their new homes shortly.

Susan x

Monday, 12 November 2007

At last.....

Well it was a great day at the Christmas fair. We raised nearly £400 for the toddlers in all. There was a good turnout of people all day too which was probably helped with the leaflet drop we all did. I took Will with me and he was fab. I put him in charge of selling the beanies whilst I was giving information about the bears. He managed to sell quite a few and we raised over £30 so it was worth it. I gave out lots of leaflets for the bears and lots of people loved them and thought it was a great idea to have a bear made for a special present. I took 4 bears to the fair. One has already found a new home and I have 3 available.

Here are photos of the 2 Im putting on my website tonight and the third I will put on tomorrow.


Susan x

Saturday, 10 November 2007

In a Mad Panic

Well I haven't stopped today. As I mentioned earlier it is my local Christmas fair tomorrow and I have a table. Its a bear table but not my usual kind of bear table.. .... I have made 4 new bears for the fair and instead of just taking them to sell I am going to try to take orders for bears for Christmas. I have printed off lots of my bear pictures so people can see a few of my designs. I don't know how this will go down but Im hopeful. Now 4 bears on a table would look a bit sorry for themselves so Im also taking along some of my Attic Treasure Collection to sell. Im hoping Will is coming with me to help out. I still have my table cloths to iron yet and its nearly 1am.

Susan x

Saturday, 3 November 2007

A Witch in the House

Well we have had a witch in our house this week.

As my boys now feel a bit old to dress up in halloween costumes we have little Kaitlin to take over where thay left off. I couldn't let her look really scary though as she was going to a halloween party for 0-4 yr olds so we didn't want to frighten anyone. But as the second picture shows this is Kailtins attempt at looking scary. Now Bonfire night is a different story. I would quiet gladly lock up the house and not come out at all for a week while all those fireworks are going off. I hate them!!!!

Its only a week now until the toddlers Christmas fair. I have been posting leaflets through all the houses near me to encourage people to come. Im having a table so Im making bears for that this week. So unfortunatly no new bears for the websiote this week but I should have some next weekend after the fair. I wouldn't normally take my handmade bears to a fair like this because alot of people don't understand what actually goes into designing and making an artist bear but Im making it my mission to educate people. A one of a kind teddy bear can make a very special gift that will last a lifetime. So I thought if I take a few bears and photos of quite a few others if anyone wants to order one then they can. I will take samples of mohair too so that the bear can be made in exactly the colour or style anyone wants.

Here is a photo I have of my Mum and Kaitlin. I have hardly any photos of Mum as she really doesn't like them taken so Im glad I took this one. Kaitlin thinks the world of all her Grandparents and can easily say Grandma and Nana. I think she also has them twisted round her little finger.....

Susan x