Saturday, 29 September 2007

More Sorting Out

How have I accumulated so much stuff. Well its no wonder my house feels small when you see how much I have. Phil buys tickets for football matches and clothes but not me. I buy craft stuff for all my hobbies and bearmaking. Im not interested in clothes and only buy when I have to. The kids are a bit like me too. They have accumulated so many toys and games and can't get rid of them either.

So today I went through one drawer of mohair. Bear in mind I have approx 8 big drawers in my chest of drawers full of mohair. Now this one draw had approx 25 pieces in it so I went through it and picked 7 pieces I have either used half of or I know I won't use it. I don't make many big big bears and some of this mohair is fabulous on big bears so Ive put it on ebay. Now mohair is so expensive. You are talking at least £15 for a quarter of a meter of sparse mohair going all the way up to over £40 for the luxurious mohair. So Ive actually listed this for alot less than I paid for it. Thats why artists bears can seem expensive but when you see the price of the mohair you understand why. Now I will have to go through some more drawers tomorrow.
Check back tomorrow as I have a bear who has a full page in Teddy Bear Club International this month. His name is Kingston and here is a sneaky peak at him.

Susan x

Sunday, 23 September 2007


Here is a brand new design I have created. This bear is called Merrick and he is more squishy and loosly filled than my usual bears. I think he has a grundgy look.


I have listed him on ebay this evening, starting at 99p so you can grab a bargain. If you click his name it will take you to his auction.

Susan x

Saturday, 22 September 2007

New Bears

I went to a Bear fair today as I wanted to have a look round and get some supplies. Mum came with me as she loves bears as much as I do and we ended up having a lovely time admiring all the artist bears and talking to everyone. There are some really lovely people in the Bear World.

This week I have had a bear called Kingston in Teddy Bear Club International magazine. I sent him off and he had his picture taken proffessionally and they made an excellent job of it too. I will take some pics and put him on my website tomorrow, he is a brand new design too.

I have also made a bear who is a little different for me. He hasn't got a name yet but he is more loosly filled than my usual style and a bit grungy looking if you could call it that. He is also going to have his photo taken tomorrow and I will put him on ebay so watch this space.

I have listed 2 of my bears on ebay today. They have been on my website and are from my Classic Collection.
If you want to visit their auctions please click on their names.


Little Sunshine

Susan x

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Well after worrying all weekend about Will he went to school on Monday and everything was fine. I thought Id leave it till Monday afternoon to ring the school as there are no teachers around in the morning. He came home after school and had a smile on his face. In fact he has had a smile on his face ever since. Its funny how you so want to protect your kids, everything they go through you feel it worse and you want to do everything for them. All I wish for is that they can be happy.

Kaitlin is coming on in leaps and bounds now. She understands everything you say ( phil keeps asking her to get the remote control for him and she does). At the moment she is a real pleasure, the only time we have tantrums is when she can't get you to understand what she wants or we have to take something off her because its dangerous or its something of ours. I can talk to her for hours and she laughs, plays, draws pictures, plays with her dolls. I love it when she gives her dolly a kiss. Its the sweetest thing in the world. After having 2 boys its so different and nice to have a little girl. We put bobbles in her hair and hair slides. ( My boys would not of let me do that).

Im going to make my bears for the British Bear Artist Awards this week. I have put an entry form in and have to send the pictures to them by the beginning of Oct. So I shall have to get cracking...

There is a Teddy Bear Fair in Wrexham this Saturday. I am just going for a look round and to buy materials and to inquire about exhibiting next year.

Susan x

Saturday, 15 September 2007

A Bee in his Bonnet

Wills had a bit of trouble in school again this week. A lad in his class has been bullying him. We had so much trouble with bullying a few years ago that I will be on the phone on Monday morning telling the school. Will doesn't want to hit the lad because he doesn't want to get into trouble. The best of it now isthat Will is really good at Kick boxing and he could really get him back if he wanted to, but he is very sensible and I think thats why this other lad is having a go, trying to goad him.

I have sent some of my bears off to an antique and interior shop called Hanworth House in Bedfordshire last week as they are going to be stocked there and I just wanted to put some pics on here.

I have also put a bear called Little Sunshine on my website this week. He is only 7" tall and is made from a lovely coloured mohair.

If you click on his name it will take you to my website.

Little Sunshine


Saturday, 8 September 2007

School, accidents and bears

Well the boys have now gone back to school, both of the came home on Wednesday and talked about it all night. Its funny, when you ask them if they wanted to go back the unanimously said No Way but they forget how many friends they haven't seen for 6 weeks. At the end of the day your school days are one of the best times in your life, not that my children believe me.

Kaitlin has had an accident today. She wanted to be near Phil whe he was on the computer and was reaching for things ( as she does). Well we have an external hard drive next to the computer and its really heavy. She only pulled it down on her head. She now has a cut just below her eye. She cried for ages, really sobbing. I felt so awful for her. It could of been much worse though if it has been nearer to her eye.
I found a great website this week. I love forums and I am a member of quiet a few that have interests in things I like. A friend told me about an Artist Bear forum so I hopped over and joined. The talent on there is amazing. Its called Teddy Talk and if you like bears its worth having a look round it.
I have created more bears this week. 3 have gone off to a shop in Bedfordshire and the owner rang me yesterday to say she was really pleased with them. Well that made my night.
I have 2 more available too.

Hobart is a Hairy Hoodlam and is 9" tall. He is on my website. Darby is a Little Heart Throb and he has just been listed on ebay. If you click on their names it will take you to them.




Saturday, 1 September 2007

Countdown to School

Well I have 3 full days left before the kids go back to school. I always think the 6 weeks is a vit too long as they get bored in the last few weeks. Now we have the mad frenzy of buying new things for school. They need new bags, pencil cases, pens, etc, new coats, shoesand socks etc. I always leave it till the last minute as Im not very organised but hopefully I will get a few bargains as all the shops should be selling things off now its nearly over. I also have to cut their hair to make them all smart for their first day. Then the camera has to come out for the first day back to school pics so that I can scrapbook them... Honestly I think I will need a rest on Wednesday when they go back....

On to my new bears for this week. I have created a Welsh Whimsy called Gethin and a Little Wild One called Amethyst and because the fur is rasberry in colour she is a girl. Now as alot of people know I make mainly boy bears so a girl is a lovely change.

Gethin is on my website so click on his name and it will take you to the website and Amethyst is on ebay so by clicking on her name it will take you to ebay.