Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Say Cheese...

Well I was busy trying to take pics of some new little bears today and someone came up behind me and said Cheese........ so I couldn't help but take her pic. Isn't she just the sweetest little thing you ever saw.

Susan x

Saturday, 25 August 2007

A busy week

Well Ive had a busy week, this week ( don't we all). I have been out and about, been hairdressing and made 3 bears. 2 for sale and 1 for a shop order. At the moment I can only make them in the evening when my little bundle of joy goes to bed.

I went to Dunelm Mill today. If you have one of them near you and haven't been then you must. I could spend ages in there. I went to the one in Wrexham today as its a larger one and they sell the most beautiful fabrics on the roll. They have a end of roll section too where you can get wonderful fabric if you only want a few metres starting at £1.99.

Here are my latest bears.
Darcy is a Wild One and is 9" tall. He is on ebay at the moment. If you click on his name you can go to his auction.


Here is Burton who is from my Classic Collection and he is 10.5" tall. If you click on his name you will go to my website.

Well Im off to watch x factor.


Thursday, 23 August 2007

Oppps I forgot!!

On Tuesday I did something Ive never done before, forgot my wedding anniversary. Phil came in from work in the morning with chocolates and a card for me and I had forgot. I did remember 3 days earlier and reminded him about it but I hadn't even made a card. I had to rush up to the shop and buy one, can you believe that.

Speaking of cards I made one for my Auntie today as its her 60th birthday in a few days time.

The picture isn't very good as its night time and the colours don't look like they do on the real card but I was happy with it. Its been ages since I made any cards and I do enjoy it. I will have to make another batch up so I always have one in and I do have a few birthdays round the corner.

Another thing happened the other day too. I have applied to Hugglets to attend their shows next year. I thought it would give me time to get really going with new designs for my bears. Well I had an email on Monday asking if I wanted to go on a reserve list for the one on the 2nd September this year. Well I could of bitten her hand off but then I looked around me and saw I have no bears made and 11 days to fill a table for a show. I was gutted. So I had to say no, I know it was only for a cancellation short list and I probably wouldn't of got a table anyway but still. I have my name down for next year so Im keeping my fingers crossed that I get one and can attend. I am toying with applying for the British Bear Fair in December but its such a long way to Brighton.


Sunday, 19 August 2007

So ashamed...

I feel so ashamed today, well a little bit anyway. My friend and I had a lovely day out today. As both our hubbies were out watching football we decided to go to Ikea. It has to be my favorite shop for all things home. We took Kaitlin and her daughter with us and as per usual we treated ourselves to a KFC. We always have a KFC when we go to ikea, its like a ritual. I am going to be starting to redo the boys bedroom within the next few weeks, moving them in together and then Kaitlin can have her own room. Well I decided that as they are going to have to share I would try to make it as nice ( cool ) as possible. hence my trip to Ikea. I went armed with measurements of what size cupboards to look for etc and to get ideas. I will take Phil back with me in a weeks time to get the cupboards I saw today. ( Men can be useful sometimes).

Well carrying on with my story, I only bought a few bits and helped my friend buy loads.... Anyway we came home and into my house we go for a cup of tea. Well she looked round in horror and asked me if we had been burgled. Honestly everything was everywhere, toys, paperwork, clothes.

Well I hadn't been burgled, it was just the mess I live in daily. I would take a picture but you really really wouldn't want to see it. I am swamped with stuff, its everywhere. I really don't know where to start. Now my friend on the other hand is totally into cleaning to the point that her house looks like a showhouse all the time. So I was so ashamed, don't get me wrong Im not a tidy person and never will be and I do have far too much stuff but my friend always comes round and never says anything. I like people who like me for me not how tidy my house is but I guess it was particularly bad today.

So Im going to make a concerted effort to tidy up and sort some stuff out.


Saturday, 18 August 2007

New Bears and meals out.....

Well its Saturday again and another week has flown by. Where does the time go? I haven't had anything exciting happen this week but Phil did take me for a meal on Thursday to TGI Fridays. It makes a nice change to go out just the 2 of us. It was only in the afternoon but it was lovely. I couldn't persuade him to go out shopping though afterwards, he just wouldn't have it.
I have been designing some new bears this week. One is made and is going off to have his Photo taken for Teddy Bear Club International next month. If you remember the Smudge bears I made this is a design based on them but bigger.

I have also been messing with my website again this week as Im not 100% happy with it. I have now figured out after emailing homestead how to make my pages look more central but it will probably take a week to do them all one by one...

I have managed to make a little bear for my website though. Just a little on called Little Ted. He is just over 6" tall. Click on his name to take you to my website.

Little Ted

Susan x

Monday, 13 August 2007

Footie season has started........

In our house football is number one sport on the telly. Phil is football mad with Joe running a close second. We have had a lovely break from it over the summer but now its started again. Phil went to Liverpools first game of the season on Saturday and was out from 10.30am til 1am. Not only does he have to watch it, he sleeps it, talks about it all the time, texts his mates about it and then after a match they spend hours analising it. As my Dad used to say its only 11 men chasing a bag of wind. I mean why do men get so worked up about football.

Phil and the boys went off to Derby on Sunday for a kickboxing tornament. They both faught really well and Will came home with a bronze medal. His confidence has come on leaps and bounds since he started and he has already got a few medals and cups. Joe did really well but unfortunatly got knocked out of his last match. Phil keeps saying I should go and watch them but as a mother I don't think I could face the sight of them fighting full blown and getting hurt or hurting other people...........


Saturday, 11 August 2007

Hairdressing Course

Well Ive been busy again this week and haven't had chance to blog. I have been hairdressing more this week and on Tuesday I went on a hairdressing course, basically to update me on trendy cuts and colours. We worked on a dolls head, ( its not a dolls head but a dummy with real hair if you get the drift). Well I was a bit worried before I went that I would of been the only one there who wasn't up to date on the foils they use now. Don't get me wrong I colour hair every week and when I high light someones hair I use easi mesh ( its like foils but not). Well it took all of 2 minutes watching to get it and I was away. We cut the models hair and then coloured it in a trendy fashion. A base colour all over then 3 other colours were sliced through the hair. Well it was fab, I chose chocolate brown, a very light blonde, a copper and a beige blonde. I really liked the effect so watch this space, I might have it done myself.

We went to the National Eisteddfod yesterday afternoon. Its being held in Mold this year which is less than 5 miles away so it was the perfect opportunity. We all went and had a lovely afternoon just strolling around, listening to music, stopping for cups of tea and strawberries. I bought Kaitlin a pair of Crocs too. £18 for a pair of plastic shoes, I must be mad but they are so cute on her tiny feet.

Ive also worked on my website this week. I know what I want but I just can't do it so I have just had a mini overhaul instead. I might get they people at homestead to give me a price to do it as the templates look fab but I can't get my head around it. The only thing the website needs now is new bears.......

Ive just popped Dante on ebay if you want a look. He is the hairyest (excuse the spelling) bear ever. I could spend hours styling his hair. Just click his name and it will take you to him.



Saturday, 4 August 2007

Its Saturday already..

Where has this week gone. One minute its Monday the next its Saturday. We have had Phils brother over from Finland for the week. Not stopping with us but with Phils Mum. We haven't seen them for 18mths so we have spent loads of time with them. We went to Chester Zoo on Wednesday and had a brilliant day. I had won a family ticket in a raffle so we saved over £50 getting in. That made the day nicer too. We took a packed lunch and then walked round with all the kids for 5 hrs, stopping for drinks and ice creams. I couldn't take many pictures as it was packed and people just push you out of the way.. I did take some nice family pictures though, just haven,t had time to download them yet...
Will was poorly on Tuesday, he couldn't stop being sick. It must of been something he had eaten as we were all fine.

Oh and it was my birthday yesterday. I had a lovely day and then we went out with Janet and Gary our friends last night. We went to a hotel called The Mill and had a 3 course meal and then there was a disco ( not that we danced much). We had such a laugh though and I had a drink, something I don't do very often so I had a headache this morning.

Here is my latest bear, hes called Otis and he is a Hairy Hoodlam ( one of my collections of bears ). These bears are more substantial and I use airbrushing on them. If you want to take a peak at his auction just click on his name.