Saturday, 28 July 2007

Im back

Well look at me go, Ive made 2 bears this week, ok so they are both small ones.... Im really loving making them after so long. I have masses of thoughts running through my mind, like what bear should I create, should I work on a signature design, should I book fairs etc.

I have about 5 different ranges of bears, I came up with all the designs, collections as I call them. Anyway I vary the pattern size within the collection and mohair etc so they look similar within their collection. I look at other peoples bears and alot tend to have one collection which they vary but you can tell instantly that they are a signature look. Now do I go along that route or do I carry on designing and creating within my collections. I really like the variety it gives me and Im never bored but I lack a signature look. I wouldn't know which collection to pick either as I love them all. Oh decisions, desisions..

Here is Digby, he is 7" tall is is from my Little Heart Throb Collection. To go to his auction, click on his name.



Thursday, 26 July 2007

Im a Rockin Girl Blogger

Thanks Sarah for saying Im a Rockin Girl Blogger. I shall put this on display..

Kaitlin is much better today. The spots have almost gone. I must admit it really drains me when one of my kids is ill. I would rather it be me than one of them. Your heart goes out to them doesn't it.

I just wanted to add another picture of a bear who was adopted along time ago. Heres Waldorf.


Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Poorly Sick....

My baby girl has been poorly for the past 4 days.. It started on Sunday with a cold, progressing in the evening to a high fever. I called the emergency doctor who told me to give her calpol and neorofen and to keep her cool. I had to put her in a warm bath to bring her temperature right down. Anyway she has been so clingy and not herself at all. Today I was changing her and noticed a rash all over her legs and bottom half so I scooped her up and went to the doctors. He said she had a viral infection and the rash / spots were the culmination af the illness. She is alot better today but I had to make sure as you never know with a rash...

The kids are enjoying their first week off for the holidays. Will has been a bit bored as he doesn't go out much but went out with Joe today and they found a few mates to play with. I have got a few things planned for the holidays but it depends on the weather. Its still awful. We have never know it to rain so much.


Saturday, 21 July 2007

What a Week.

Well after feeling yucky for half of the week I do feel much better now. Im sure the weather is getting us all down. It has rained everyday bar one since the second week in June. Its so depressing..

Phil has had a headache for 3 days and when he isn't himself we all suffer. He went off this morning at 4am to pick up 14 other Liverpool fans to go and see the Bill Shankly memorial in Scotland. He was then going to Edinburgh for a night out and is coming back tomorrow so Ive had a bit of piece today.

I went to the Next sale hoping to get lots of clothes for Kaitlin but I was very dissapointed. It was like a jumble sale with all the sizes mixed up and not alot of what I would of picked. I did get her a swimming costume and a pair of jeans and the lads a couple of tops though. I should of gone earlier like I have in the past. I used to get up and queue outside at 5am in the morning. I did used to buy a years worth of clothes for the kids though. Woolworths had a half price sale too and I ended up getting quite a bit in there for Kaitlin.

The business cards I had made for my hairdressing arrived this week and I have been giving them out to family to pass on to their friends. I am enjoying doing hair again and everyone has been really pleased with their new hair dos.

I did have mine cut this week, a bit shorter than usual but I really like it.

I have listed another bear on ebay today. I made him this week, so Im still doing well on my one a week schedule. He is 12" tall and is called Calder. Here is a picture and a link to his aution if you click on his name.


Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Feeling Yuk

Not much to report today only I feel a bit off colour today. I had Joe up in the night not well and I finally got him settled at 1pm and I went to bed only to be woken half an hour later by Kaitlin. She had a stuffy nose so couldn't breathe with her dummy in. I am usually up at 6.30am so I didn't get much sleep at all and I haven't recovered!!!!!!! I feel old.

We did have a nice time at toddlers this morning though and I did think Id miss seeing everyone for 6 weeks. I think we all felt the same so we have arranged to meet up every week for a couple of hours at the local playcentre. Ive also joined the toddlers and playgroup committee so will have to join in with all the fund raising. I am enjoying a new lease of life through Kaitlin. At first I thought I was starting all over again with such a big gap between the kids ( theres 9 yrs between Joe and Kaitlin and 11 between her and Will ) but Ive made so many friends through her, that its great.


Saturday, 14 July 2007

Its Saturday..

Well last night was fabulous except it took us 2.5 hrs to get to Birmingham with the friday traffic. Phil and I found a pub near the NEC and had a carvery and it was fabulous and great value at £18 for 2 courses and a drink each. We found the pub by accident as we don't know the area at all but we couldn't of choosen better is we tried.

The festival was wonderful. There were 12 bands taking part all from different schools throughout the country and they were all amazing. To see 14 -16 yr olds play instruments like they did was out of this world and the singing was fab. Wills school came last and they sang Lean on Me, Chasing Cars and lastly Bohemain Rhapsody. It was amazing and the guitarist they had from their school played not far off Brian May. I was so proud of Will and the hairs on my arms were standing up the whole way through it. ( That always happens to me when I hear good music).

They had lots of instruments for sale there and we bought Will an electric guitar. He has been learning the acustic guitar for 18mths and his teacher felt he should move up to the electric guitar now. He was made up with it. We need to buy an amp now before he can play it oh order some ear plugs....
We had to get Joe something so this morning Phil rushed out to buy him the new Liverpool away kit ( only he bought a small mans size) I mean how on earth would you think that a 10yr old child would be as big as a small man.....

I called my little bear Ralph and put him on ebay along with Claude a larger Hairy Hoodlam. I found my bears name book so I know that I have never used that name before. It does suit him though I think.



You should be able to click on their names to go to their listings on ebay.

Susan x

Thursday, 12 July 2007

A bear with no name....

Well here he is. I haven't got a name yet though. I have a book which has all the names in that I have ever used and can I find it, no I can't so I can't check....

I will be popping him on ebay at the weekend.

Tomorrow we are going to the NEC to watch Will sing in a Rock and Pop festival. His choir had to audition, ( I think they sent a tape in). Anyway they are singing Bohemian Rhapsody ( one of my favorites) along with other songs. I can't wait... I wonder if I should take my big camera, will they let me take pictures....


Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Finished my bear tonight..

Well I was aiming for one bear a week, but Ive finished one tonight. I started him on Saturday and just by sewing him for an hour each night and again when Kaitlin has her nap he is finished. Ok so he is only 7" tall but I did spend lots of time on his face, creating the right look. Im going to take his photo tomorrow and of course think of a name. That is the hardest part, finding a name that will suit him. I have a book of 10,000 baby names and I sit going through pages of names till I find the right one.


Saturday, 7 July 2007

Had a really busy day today. Ive listed 2 of the remaining bears I have on ebay, updated my mailing list and started to redesign my website to give it a new look. All those hours on the computer make me really tired. Ive also started on a new bear tonight, the first one in ages. So watch this space. I am going to see if I can make one a week. It can take 6-7 hrs to make a small bear but now Kailtin has a regular bedtime Ive been bored watching telly in the evening ( hense the bag making) (4 down 8 to go). So if I do an hour or 2 each day I should manage to make a new one a week. Thats the plan anyway.

Here are the bears I have listed on ebay today. Smudge


I can't get any links to work at the moment but you can see them on ebay by going to and by typing in my seller name into the search box. glorious19

Susan x

Monday, 2 July 2007

Bags and Villas

Well the hairdressing has started off nicely and Im really enjoying it. Just need more people to find out about me now but Im sure it will build up by word of mouth.

I made another bag last night. This one only took about 3/4 of an hour as I had sussed the pattern. Just 10 more to make now.. I did take one to the co-op yesterday to put my bits and bobs that Id bought in. The girl on the til did look at it twice. LOL... Ive heard you can get nice material at Dunelm Mills so a trip down there is in order at some point. Actually we do have a very good fabric shop about 35 mins away called Aberkhan. Its like a treasure trove.

My head is spinning at the moment as we have spent the last 5 days looking for villas for when we go to Florida in Dec. We go every year and stay in different resorts each time. We are going with friends this time but are still having our own villas. Its harder trying to decide on a resort when there is more of of you but we did make a decision on Lake Berkley. So we have been emailing all the villa owners for days trying to get one that ticks all the boxes. My 2 main requirements are a big tub bath and not being overlooked. I don't care about anything else but the kids want a games room too ( good idea). We have seen a couple of really really nice ones though ( they are all nice though).

Heres Murphy as I hate it when I don't have a pic.